The Pec Thing

We didn't get out to The Pec Thing as early as I wanted to this morning but this particular flea market is so large that it doesn't really matter. It's held at the County Fair Grounds and there are over 400 dealers. Steve and I took the kids and they behaved pretty well. And we didn't lose anyone! I'm a little more familiar now with where the dealers are that I usually like to buy from so we navigated through fairly easily. There are 6 huge farm buildings that are filled with dealers and probably a couple football fields of dealers set up outside. It's impossible to cover it all in one day so I have to pick and choose. Ok, I'll get on with the pictures. Click on any picture to enlarge it...

I loved the pink baby shoes under the glass!

This guy makes a ton of metal garden items!
It's a gorgeous old rose picture but it caught a reflection. Yet, I still like think it's pretty =)

Anybody for a good old fashioned picnic?

Oh my gracious, I LOVED these old ceiling tins! $18 each, which is a great price but I had my heart set on some old quilts.

Gorgeous shelf paper that was $5 per pack. That's a bit high for me but, look, it was only 25 cents years ago!

Lots of wonderful baskets of vintage sewing supplies!

Way cool old phonograph.

Of course, the enamel stove caught my eye!

I asked but it's not actually an old sign.
I'd like to just walk into this room and call it home!
Hubby says, "What in the world would you do with that thing?" My mind was already spinning!

Aren't those green dishes cool?!

This was my MOST FAVORITE thing of the day but it was in very poor condition and it was priced at $40. The top says "Fairy Christmas Box". Oh, it was just delightful but I'm not sure that it would have survived the rest of the day or the ride home with all of us crammed into the truck.
These super old boxing gloves were the color of pumpkins!
All the colors I love but when I go here, I'm looking for truly old items, the unusual, things that I don't see very often.

I made a beeline for this beauty!! And then I saw the red sold sign =(

Sophie, this one's for you! I wanted to get it for you BUT it was metal and would've cost a small fortune to send (not that you aren't worth it, of course). It was filled with matching paper cocktail napkins.

My adopted sister who is 16 wanted the Archie and Betty dolls but they were $17 and we thought that she'd probably find other things, and she did of course =)

This little sweetie was out like a log and her adults were just setting their goodies on top of her, lol!!

So this is what I came home with! Ok, well hubby bought some old army stuff, my 9 year old son bought a vintage (and thankfully broken) pistol, and the little ones were loaded with bags of 15 toys for $1 items! But I got 2 great old quilts for $30!

The rubbish can was $5 and the rose barkcloth was $3!

There was a small piece of aqua & cocoa barkcloth that I think I may use for a handbag. And someone had cut apart a tablecloth and left me the best part - all those roses!!! Makes me wonder what they cut out.

I spied the 1930's cloche (I just call it a hat) from a few booths away! The ceramic mannequin has a very long neck. In total it's about 3 feet tall. She has a blemish on her nose but I'm thinking of painting her anyways so it won't matter much. Funny how I had all that wonderful stuff to choose from and I came home with all the same kind of stuff that I always seem to get! Except perhaps those huge ceiling tins - I kinda wish I would've gotten a few of those. Well, they're open again tomorrow...


  1. Well it looks like you had a fabulous day, and what pretty things, so you!

  2. I'm digging and I'm digging and I'm digging and I now realize what Pec is....I live close enough to visit Pecatanica....I hear people in the burbs talk of this all the time...I think I'm too late in the season to you travel to Elkhorn, too?

  3. Oh, I am envious. What a lovely way to spend the day. I'll check in tommorrw morning for the announcement. You've piqued my curiosity.

  4. ohhhh I wish I could have gone with you, I would have spent a whole BUNCH of money! Everything looks so delightful! I just have no control, I buy everything or nothing. :)

    So glad you had a good day and got lots of great pictures.


  5. Oh's a wonder nobody got lost with all that wonderful stuff to look at. I saw a LOT of goodies I would've brought home...I guess I saved some money today by just ogling your blog!
    ...although I am green with envy...LOL
    I will for sure "pop" in on Sunday morn.

  6. Sounds like you and your family had a great day! Would love to have gotten ahold of two quilts for $30! Great buys!

  7. Wow. Nothing like this near me. Thanks for sharing so many wonder pictures!

  8. Gosh, what a great place! I'll bet you had a wonderful time. Thanks for bringing us along!

  9. I think I would have had to taken out a loan!! What cool stuff and lucky you to be so close!! If you ever find cherry shelf paper for $5 I will buy it!
    Hope you have a restful Sunday

  10. Okay...I am on fab overload! I think the Halleluiah chorus would have been playing in my head if I had been there...LOL!!!
    You are south of me... how far from Madison, WI?
    I am truley speechless with the glorious finds there!!!

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful day. I can never find great fabric like that all in one day. Lucky you! Love the rubbish can, too! Those always are wonderful to throw sewing trash in.

    Thank you for sharing!


  12. I just laughed at that sleeping little one with the goodies piled on top, that is too funny! Two quilts for $30 wow that is good! I saw so many things that looked like good treasures and I definately feel like I have saved some money by monitor shopping :) I agree though...those ceiling tins...Yummy!


  13. Oooooohhhh Polly! Do you know it's just as well I didn't come with you, because Tom and I would be destitute by now lol!!!! I LOVED everything you've shown us...the pink shoes...the tin ceiling panels...the fairy box...of course the green napkin box (you know me so well!!)
    And Polly, those tin ceiling panels are haunting ME!! They would look so great in your house on display. I think you should go back and get them (see what sort of friend am I, tempting you again lol!!!)....

  14. Polly I feel like we went to the flea market together! You photographed what I would have and bought probably what I would have too. This was fun!

  15. How wonderful! I wish I could have tagged along to see all those goodies! Yes,God is so good to us even to have a thing like a stove just at the right time waiting for us. Thanks!


  16. Ummm... why didn't you ask me to come? :D

  17. So glad you visited my blog. I hope you'll come often. My oh My, what I wouldn't give to have a flea market like that anywhere near where I live. We don't have anything even close to it. I found one yard sale this past summer that had a lot of vintage stuff any my husband said I was like a school girl....just plain giddy, I tell ya'. Your yellow rose themed day sounds like a lot of fun. I don't have any yellow roses but do have lots of goldenrod around. Will that do? Just kiddin...xo Lynn

  18. I love it. I just love it. The pictures are wonderful, I wish I had been there.

  19. What a wonderful day, thank you for sharing all those fabulous finds! I would have looked at exactly the same lovely things.


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