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She just tempted me so... Miss Shabby In The City... did you see what she did? Yesterday she posted pictures of the most darling old cookie jar. I couldn't get that sweet thing out of my mind all day! I just kept imagining all the silly arrangements that I could make if I had one of those whimsical Man In The Moon cookie jars! So, I set about the task of finding one, that's what I did! Well, what do you think? Won't he be ever so darling holding flowers or over-sized peppermint sticks or berry branches or... anything??

Oh, alright, I know it's my very own fault. I have some kind of vintage monkey on my back. I was pondering this dilemma whilst in the car this morning. I was admitting to myself that I probably should have waited and tried to find a less expensive version of the cookie jar. When out of the corner of my eye I saw the blur of a tag sale sign. Without another thought to that monkey, I turned at the very next corner and followed the signs! Thankfully, I only had $1.15 in my handbag or who knows how out of control I might have been.

Once upon a time I received the very worst kind of advice that a flea market kinda gal can receive. Buy what you love, even it you aren't sure what you'll do with. If you love it, you'll find a use for it. Have you heard it too? Isn't that just a wicked piece of temptation?!

And then there's that Bible verse... in the middle of a very thorough description of a virtuous woman... "She considers a field and buys it." Do you suppose that "consider" should involve more than "can't get it out of my mind"?


  1. Well I think that if you make wine cookies to put in the jar, you'll be ok.


  2. I love the moon jar! I did see Shabby in the City's post yesterday. What I want to know is are you going to allow him to entice you into a midnight moonlit dance? I am sure it would be enchanting(hee, hee):)

  3. LLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!! BTW (back to work) Love, Esther

  4. OH gosh!!! You are gonna slap me! Someone gave me that jar!!! With about a thousand more cookie jars...I had to put him outside cuz he wouldn't fit in the house! Well I'm glad...hey how did you find one so fast?

  5. That cookie jar is darling! BTW~How DID you find one so fast??

  6. I love the message on my blog! I knew there was a reason I liked you!! Just Teasing! I was supposed to marry Patrick Stewart! Ok, I dreamed of marrying him. lol! What a cute cookie jar!

  7. You definately couldn't have passed this up, too cute! How did you find it so fast? LOL

  8. This little guy is just too cute.


  9. Very cute jar!! But, I don't agree with that advice bout buy what you love... we would be in soo much debt. Love the virtuous woman post.. The good Lord wants us to be wise! =)

  10. Did you see the Man in the Moon cup I have on my blog ?? Love your jar!!

  11. What a great find! How did you come across him so quickly? It seems that this one would be hard to find. But, leave it to you, the good shopper that you are! I have a similar buying story on my blog today....too many things...not enough moola.

    happy day!


  12. Ooh Polly-you do tempt me with the lovely things you find! I've just got out of my sickbed (actually I'm still in it, with my laptop on me)and have spotted that lovely cookie jar!!! Hope you are enjoying your week and don't catch whatever it is I have!xx

  13. Hi Polly:
    Love the music!!! Your sons are gorgeous!!!
    I am totally enthralled with your Moon Man and Phyllis'!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Just discovered your blog. Its lovely! Do you have any information on the cookie jar - manufacturer, etc.? I have fallen in love with it and am determined to find one. Thank you so much!


  15. Claudia - Oh Mr. Moon is seductive, isn't he?! Mine says "Treasure Craft" but there were several kinds on ebay. Blessings.. Polly


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