Let there be Lights & Prisms

The newest addition to the sewing room - YAY! I was over at my parents house yesterday and my mom was showing me her "finds" for the week. She'd been to several garage sales. I haven't had the time lately to hit many jumbles or yard sales but I wish I did after looking at all her goodies! This chandelier was one of them - and it came with a bag full of crystal prisms, much more than what I wanted on this one so there's plenty for other projects! She paid $10 for it. I nearly screeched when I saw it because I've been looking for a small 5 arm chandelier for a few weeks now. I've bid on a few on ebay but they just went too high. When I gave her a check for $30 she complained that it was TOO MUCH. What a blessing she is! And it's so bright - perfect for sewing!

Then last night I was blog surfing (you know, click-click-click until you don't remember how you got to the blog currently on your screen) and I came across Cote De Texas's blog entry, "Can You Spell Chandelier". As I scrolled down, I was in wonder at her lovely photos! That pink sofa - Oh my!!! Take a few minutes to enjoy her amazing talent...
Decorators always have such interesting blog photos. As to my decorating... I'm thinking of filling a wall with rose paintings and prints. I just received this one today from Vintage Home.

And this one arrived last week. I also have a few old Paint-by-Numbers that I've picked up here and there. It'll take a while to find enough old roses to fill a wall, but the collecting will be soooo much fun!!

I think my next decorating project will be finishing the pink kitchen, though I really need to get the dinning room curtains and walls done too. And, of course, school is starting soon so that means a chunk of each day is spent in the car for the two older boys going to different campus' and also doing schoolwork for my daughter that's homeschooled, and keeping my 4 year old busy while his sister does school work. Something may have to go.... I guess I'll have to give up dishes and laundry =)

69) My mother's ever-giving, ever-kind nature

70) Lots of rooms in this old farm house that I get to decorate over and over.

What's this list about?


  1. Yeah! I am so glad you found a chandelier@ It looks wonderful! Yeah again!!!!

  2. What a great find! Such a bargain, and the perfect size!!

  3. Hi Polly, Beautiful chandelier! I am very impressed with the postal service - you received the roses print faster than most post is delivered between addresses within the UK!!! I can't wait to see your wall of roses pictures - I have roses painting, prints etc., all over the house! Clare x

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