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Happy Sunday! We're heading out for lunch at mom's house but I just had to share a few things. I read over at FourSisters that A Sentimental Journey is having and EBAY GARAGE SALE! She has 154 items all for a buy it now at $9.99! She has soooo many darling things!

Look at this sweet apron! And it's only $7.99! I think I've got some kind of apron-dementia because I'm just crazy for them!

I used to make a lot of them to sell. For a while I even did a mom & me line but then I moved on to the next thing and forgot how much I like seeing them hanging around. This is the only picture from that group that I could find. Behind the mannequin is the cabinet that holds my computer. I had the mannequin standing on a chair so that I could get the scrolly metal stuff in the picture. I think those days were the beginning of my love of blogging (even though I didn't know what blogging was).

I say "those day" like it was ages ago =) but I do feel like the years are going by faster now than they did when I was in my 20's. In fact, I've decided that I'm too old now to wear T-shirts that have pictures on them. And I really like my Old Navy T's but aren't we supposed to dress more like grown ups sometime? And then I saw this oh so cute shirt on Etsy...

You KNOW how nuts I am for chandeliers! This Tee is hand painted by twentyseventeen and she makes them for guys or gals. She has one that's a cameo of a girl with a ponytail that's really cute too.

I like chandeliers so much that I actually painted one on a canvas (stole the idea from Anthropologie) to cover the window on our trap door in the basement. There's just no good reason to look out of a window and see spiders!

65) Sunday morning quiet

66) Tree shadows dancing on the rooftops

67) The breeze that catches my daughter's curl, floating it across her cheek

68) Her squinty-eyed look as she uses the crook of her finger to pull the curl away from her lips.

What's this list about?


  1. Hi Polly! Thanks for the kind words and the link to my garage sale :) so happy to have found a new bloggie bud, too! Thanks a zillion! P

  2. Oh I just had sooo much fun reading your blog!! Laurie


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