Hoopla & Rollerskates

Oh Gracious! The thunder and the lightning last night!!! Did I say I love thunderstorms?? Perhaps I should have clarified that... I love the rolling thunder, summer rain kind of thunderstorms. I do not love the crashing and banging thunder with strobe light lightning. There's nothing quite like being startled out of a sound sleep by exploding thunder! We had so much rain last night that the dirt has washed away from the roots of one of the largest trees in our yard. We were fortunate that we did not get much water damage but I've heard that they are evacuating areas of the city due to flooding.

Before all the hoopla with the downpour started, my oldest son was at a barn roller skating party. Doesn't that sound delightful? He didn't bring skates (too cool, I suppose) but I think it's a great idea! In fact, when the thunder had me awake last night, I had time to consider it and I think it borders on romantic. Roller skating in a barn! Even during a thunderstorm!


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  2. Must have been quite a thunderstorm! Funnily enough we had a little one too!


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