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How could I just walk past a cover as alluring as this?! Those little pink ballet slippers are quite significant to the story but I don't want to give it away. I picked it up off of a huge display with a sign above that said, "Summer Reads". Wanting to add to my happy reading list, I snagged it up right away (not looking at the price, which was MUCH higher than I'm used to paying -$23- but I had a pile of things for my daughter and so I didn't notice the price until I checked out the receipt in the car). Nadia is a 35 year old female reporter who is always on the run to the next big story. She grew up in Nantucket but couldn't wait to get away from the small town atmosphere. It takes place mainly in South Africa during the time of the Nelson & Winnie Mandella saga. The blacks are killing whites as a political statement that they believe will ultimately free their country. Nadia is sent to get front page stories but ends up witnessing a murder of a young white boy and then 10 years later having to report on the amnesty hearing of his killer (who is just a young girl). Nadia has flighty relationships and a ghost in her closet and she's always on the run. But facing her past, facing her own decisions has caught up with her and she is wondering if maybe Nantucket really is home afterall. It's touching to see how she matures. Does she choose the man who fits into her reporter world or the one who waits in Nantucket? I truly didn't have the whole thing figured out until the last 2 pages! A little mystery, a little romance, some beautiful scenery and some wretched scenery. It will leave you wondering if you should go back and read through that boy's journal again. (The Amazon prices are very reasonable - just click the photo.)

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