Airing My Dirty Laundry

I put up some unmentionables on the clothesline out back this afternoon. The breeze was so fabulous I just HAD to! Normally, I wouldn't want anyone to see my delicates but I wanted so badly to show you this sweet little bag! Here's how I came to be the owner...

Up north last week, I was savoring the very last minutes of our vacation by browsing through a reuse/recycle/resale shop. We were picking up furniture items that I had purchased earlier in the week. As the U-Haul was being loaded, I shopped (of course). Quite without any warning an elderly woman behind me said, "I have just the thing you're looking for!" I was almost afraid to turn around for you never know what type of person you may encounter at some of these stores or, for that matter, what type of "finds" the sales people may think you want! She was holding up this dear little clothes pin bag and I loved it the very second I turned around. I was so thrilled that I threw myself at the lady and gave her a big hug (yes, I really did). She had tears in her eyes as I exclaimed, "Oooooh, I LOVE it!" I'm choosing to believe that it was tears of joy and not that I had somehow cracked her spine with that hug =) And THAT was that... Here's one that I found on ebay (seller collectorsdream312) & she has a few others that are really cute too...

Well as long as I'm out back, have I showed you the changing room that my husband made for me? It's a genuine problem solver, that's what it is! Sopping wet kids running in from the pool, leaving puddles behind...

Oh, and speaking of puddles... This weekend hubby and I watched Miss Potter (scary how my mind wanders, isn't it?!). I loved her childhood description of the very stupid puddle duck! It's a lovely story of the life of Beatrix Potter that even my husband enjoyed.


  1. Hi Polly..tis me, Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams. Thank you for your compliment and I love your blog! Wasn't Miss Potter the BEST!? Love the precious drawings, the innocence of the characters and the English countryside! For anybody who hasn't watched it, they need to run out, buy it, pop a bag of popcorn and invite all of your girly friends over for an evening! TTYL, Becky

  2. Oh my gosh, I have that very same pink clothes pin bag! But mine is very beat up... but I love it!


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