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It's impossible for people to believe but I am not a girly kind of gal. I was a tomboy as a child and even today I rarely wear anything besides jeans and a tee shirt. So tell me then, how is it that prom dresses have made their way into my heart? Back in June my mom had all her old prom dresses laid out on a table in her basement, along with her collection of wedding dresses (and, believe me, she has some kind of obsession with wedding dresses!). She was going to donate them. Well, I nearly choked!! She waved off my indignation and said, "You can take whatever you want and I'll keep a few but the rest have to go."

I only have one mannequin at the house right now. Can you imagine that I've had probably a dozen different old mannequins over the years and sold them! Out of her collection, I choose the softest, palest pink one with rosettes. I ADORE this dress and knowing that my mom wore it to Jr./Sr. Prom makes it so, so endearing to me. The fact that it's somewhere around a size 0 makes me nuts! (It won't even zip all the way on the mannequin - UGH, why don't have more willpower? I have those genes, afterall!!)

So I walked bleary-eyed to my computer this morning, Diet Pepsi in hand (no girly coffee or tea for me) and, after reading an email from Fifi, took a stroll over to her blog, Chez Fifi, and lo & behold she posted a photo from Cat's Meow of an adorable old prom-type dress!! With the lace up corset front!! Oh, wouldn't you just die for something like that?!! If any of you have photos of old prom dresses, I'd LOVE to see them. I'll put together a little internet fashion show of prom dresses!

(p.s. before you use any Fabulous Fifi photos, please contact her. She will surely give you permission to use them AND you'll love to chat with her!)

Don't even get me started on SHOES!!!

Aren't these the most darling leather polka dots? Those were from the trip last week. I think I'm going to put them on ebay Saturday with a few other goodies from the trip!
55) How God speaks to me through my fellow bloggers!

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