Mom's Playhouse

My mom's little trailer is so darling! I couldn't wait to get over to see it! Our family goes over for Sunday lunch every week and though for some it may sound like a drudgery, I cherish it! I enjoy spending time with mom and dad and the 3 kids they've adopted (my kids' ages). They have lots of land and the kids just run and run and run! But let's talk about the trailer... I love the color! She wants me to paint some roses on the outside but I like it the way it is.

My daughter played the entire afternoon and I've been informed that there will be a sleepover in the "playhouse"

There's even a working potty behind the screen! Please pardon the scary dolls - mom has a collection of the most frightening dolls that she just loves.

Just like a grandma, there's a little stand for a "quick wash up". Ooooh, I want one of these trailers (where I'd put it, I don't know, but I want one).

Since I had the camera this afternoon I thought I'd take some pics around mom's house. So, take a deep breath gals, you won't believe all the pink!! It's a bit over the top for me, but she adores it and I adore her. Here we go, the house I grew up in...

The back porch where I learned to rollerskate and where I eat Sunday lunch every week of the Summer.

The breakfast nook where mom goes through her prayer list faithfully every morning. For as long as I can remember, I woke to my mom having prayer time in this room.

The dresser that was in my room... Now it's in the bathroom addition.

Mom has little clothes lines of baby dresses, hankies and aprons adorning windows and other sweet little spots. This one is in the downstairs bathroom. That yellow fabric behind a frame on the back wall is actually a full size screen door with the screens removed.

About 9 years ago when my mom bought this candleabra, and wanted to use it in my garden wedding (her garden of course), I hated it. I was stupid, what else can I say?!

Can you believe I found that needlepoint "LOVE" piece fully complete for $1 last year! It was the perfect size to make into a Mother's Day pillow.

I've been coveting this breakfast tray for a few years now but I don't want to tell her b/c she's the kind of lady that if you say, "that's really pretty", she will say, "Well, here you can have it."

Everyone calls this the "Shabby Rose" room. Believe it or not, this is the room that she paints in during the Winter months. She and I do a lot of our treasure hunting together.

Last year on our big buying trip, she snagged this one! Really, it fits better with my style, don't you think??? =)

One of the places I love to be the most, mom's kitchen. That apron doning woman is our friend, Paige. She lives in a nearby nursing home but is "fit as a fiddle" and "sharp as a tack". Hubby took she and I to go to the local flea market this afternoon. It was a wonderful treat for both of us!
I didn't get any pictures of the outside of the house. I'll have to do that another time. It's a white and pink 120 year old Victorian! The front yard... the place where I got married.


  1. There is a club, that travels on vacation with vintage travel trailers like your moms! They have refurbished them and filled them with vintage items. I would love to do that!

  2. I was really excited to see your darling fun to have a teaparty in there. I love vintage and can almost feel the stories behind the lovely pieces. I have collected tons, and my adult kids call it junk! What do they know! In my dreams, I see myself with a small airstream also decorated with the l940's vintage stuff and finding more friends that love the same stuff...Carole

  3. Well, I love mum's house!! It looks like it's "HER" for sure, my little chick!! Tell her I love it please!!!


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