1940's Wallpaper

If one is planning to use vintage wallpaper in any fashion to cover a single wall or several walls, if you are fortunate enough to have that many rolls, it is recommended that you use vintage fabric instead! =) AND, because the job almost always requires two people, be sure to do the job with someone that you won't mind divorcing soon thereafter. Just kidding. Hubby was wonderful and we almost always have fun working around the house together. However, this task was not fun due in full part because the paper just didn't cooperate. It really was too brittle and we barely had enough (we were piecing that last corner together - I conveniently took the pic before we got to that corner. insert coy smile here). Because it was so old (probably 1940's), they didn't take the care to make it "seamless". But hey, I've got 1940's rose wallpaper in my new sewing room! I finally got something done!! Tomorrow, I have to paint the other 3 walls.

Because I just can't leave you looking at incomplete lovliness, I grabbed a few pics from flickr that I LOVE! Posy's Photos are going to make you wish she had a store! Go right over and take a look at her album.

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