A Kindred Spirit

I spent my afternoon browsing through an old Victoria magazine! There really never has been another magazine quite like it. This issue was from 1999. I LOVE the fabric behind those window panes!! And I want lots of little cakes with roses that I can serve under an old wire thing-a-majig!

Nevermind that the bugs can get right through the thing-a-majig. It's so uniquely chic! And this last one is just my little ol' table but one of the kids moved the candles from another spot and it was somehow endearing to me.
Of course, they can't stay in that spot because one of those endearing children will certainly play with them but, nevertheless, I took a picture. It was a lovely afternoon with my much missed friend, Victoria! She's supposed to be back in print in November. Oh, you know I signed right up so I can sell them in the store!

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