Criss Cross Applesauce

Well, I did it! I squeezed myself into a bathing suit and acted like a child in the swimming pool. I don't swim very often anymore. It's really a bit of a hassle... Have to re-do the hair and makeup... Have to suck in the stomach... Has to be the time of day when no neighbors will see... I'm normally the mom sitting at the picnic table, looking at a magazine and trying to pretend to be thrilled with every "Mom, watch this jump!" But I'm determined to make this a Summer of changes.

It was my first time in the drink (or a bathing suit) this Summer and you'd have thought that my kids saw an alien! As they stared at me in amazment, my four year old son said, "Mommy, you look beautiful." Let me assure you at this point that I did not look beautiful!! Fuzzy, just out of bed hair; pastey white legs; and many more pounds than I care to admit. I'm sure it was just the long flowing black cover-up! But the kids were so excited, they just couldn't stop saying "Mom, watch - Mom, put your ear under the water - Mom, hold me when I float"! As for me, I got to see the kids from a different aspect than just a bystander. My nine year old son and his neighbor friend, from the view of a bystander, normally seem so loud and boisterous, but they were actually very cute playing criss-cross applesauce as they jumped in the water over and over. My daughter wanted me to hold her and twirl "like a ballerina".

Oh, what I would have missed just being a bystander today! It was an hour out of the morning but a memory my little ones will have for a long time.


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  1. How Fun! I miss those days as my boys are "men" now...
    Here's to many more swimming adventures & memories!


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