Pink Stove

For my fellow blogger The Pink Kitchen ... I just had to show off my Salvation Army find - or was it a curbside find? (I have portions of a red stove too and now I don't recall which one was from where.) Anyhow, I picked it up about a year ago and LOVE it. It has a rotissery and a griddle! We had a very old pink refrigerator too up until the handle broke off. At that point my very gracious husband said, "I refuse to use a screwdriver to open the 'fridge when we have a brand new 'fridge in the basement!" So I bought appliance paint...


  1. Oh what a happy happy place to cook! That Sally Army - she's the best!

  2. I had to come see this pink stove, it's amazing! It's even cooler than I thought. I love that it has the griddle, I wish my new stove had that!

  3. "Sally Army" - that's cute. Mom and I call it Sal's Boutique =)... Over the years I've collected some other vintage pink for the kitchen (mixer, pans, enamel bowls) but nothing as cool as the stove. Thank you both for stopping by!

  4. Oh my! It is wonderful and I'm green with envy. I love that it has all those uses. Yummy!

    Thanks for sharing. Cheers! LA

  5. Fantastic blog. I love love love the pink stove.



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