Anthropologie Goods

I just had to reply to the The Feathered Nest comment that she gets all her knobs at Anthropologie... This is my stash of drawer pulls from there =) It's official, I'm some kind of addict! I actually drive 90 minutes just to add to my collection of drawer pulls! And then I wonder why my 4 year old seems a little OCD... Blessings Feathered Nest! Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Hi Polly!
    I'm so happy to meet you & thanks so much for visiting my blog! What a beautiful collection of drawer pulls ~ they are all so pretty & each one so unique! You have a lovely blog & I will surely read & enjoy it! I've already checked out your fun neighborhood sale, & I may have to go make some raspberry mint tea - it looks so refreshing for summertime!
    Thanks again for writing & have a beautiful day!

  2. Hi Polly, what a very cool idea to collect drawer pulls! Anthropologie has the best ones in my opinion. Each one is like a jewel. You have some fabulous ones!



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