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So that He may increase

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It isn't a popular thing to take your business out of the spotlight, to promote yourself less.  But sometimes the spotlight shifts. 
You may have noticed that our open-air boutique hasn't been at all the usual Spring markets.  There were lots of factors that led to the decision of taking a season off.  Those of you that have known us for the last couple of years, you know what a grueling schedule it has been.  Although it was our complete joy to make a living doing what we love, keeping up inventory and being at an event every weekend is exhausting.  Our children are at ages that have us running in every direction.  

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But, truth be told, I might have continued pushing the limit, piling the responsibilities on - even though I knew my time was stretched thin, my health was beginning to fail, our family was stressed.  Isn't it funny how we can push ourselves beyond what is good for us and sometimes not even realize it?   And because I AM that dense at times - God intervened.

About six weeks ago God put two lovely children in our home (yep, in addition to the 4 we already have).  Nothing says "screeching halt" like having a new baby and a new teenager.  But God knew exactly what I needed so that I could let go of our crazy work schedule.  Without a doubt it's still crazy around here - a different kind of crazy but crazy good! 

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And although one is leaving and one is staying, our family has grown immeasurably.  We are thankful for the new children and extended family that we get to be part of.  And I am thankful for being rescued yet again from the schedule I imposed upon myself. We are all kinds of tangled up and busy but we are also settling into a new way of life.  So while it may seem that we are out of the spotlight, we know that we must decrease so that He may increase.


  1. You have a perfect, and often profound, way of looking at things, my dear girlfriend. Your faith is as inspiring as it is humbling.

    Your family and your blessings continue to grow and to bless those of us who are fortunate to have you in our lives. Love to all of you. See you soon. xo

    1. Thank you! I'm all teared up as I'm reading your comment. It rarely feels profound. =) Much love to you! Can't wait to see you at Ann's.

  2. God chose you to care for these children.He knows the love and grace you will provide as he provides for you.I know you feel blessed to care for them.But they are blessed to have you and your family take them in.

    1. Thank you Anne! I can't tell you how your words have touched me.

  3. what a beautiful post! thank you for sharing it with us and good luck with your new schedule! :D
    beth p

  4. oh polly such a wonderful thing(:)


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