As the Kitchen Turns...

 Our kitchen is reflective of the rest of my life these days.  It's kind of a jumble!  My son has still be struggling.  Our whole family, really.  It's been a super hard week but while I have been busy being a mom, Mr. Blessing has been busy working on the kitchen for me.  It's our French Farmhouse Kitchen-On-A-Budget.

The inspiration for my cupboards came from this beat-up, old farm table.

Neighbor Bob stopped in yesterday and when I proudly showed him our new/old cabinet fronts, he said, "You like things sorta different don't you?" (hahaha)
I can't wait for everything to be done so I can show you.
(My version of Easter grass - Spanish moss)
This weekend I am definitely celebrating a resurrection of sorts in my son and a resurrection in our farmhouse kitchen.   But most important, let's all pause and celebrate the resurrection of God's Son!
Thank you God!!

Join us for Voila! - French Inspiration at French Cupboard


  1. Blessings from our home to yours, Tiff from The Cranky Queen

  2. I get those kind of comments from my dad too! I love your spanish moss in the candle holder! What a pretty idea! Happy Easter! xoxo

  3. Polly ~
    I am sorry that you had a hard week ~
    Lots of hugs sweet friend!!!

    Have a very blessed Easter!!


  4. Have a blessed Easter, dear friend!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  5. Happy Easter...beautiful and inspiring...

  6. Easter Blessings!!!
    Glad to hear that your son is improving PTL!!
    Your counter top looks great ~ cute what the neighbor said :)
    Daughter and Grand are going to Easter service with me tomorrow!
    I'm counting my Blessings!

  7. haha, I love the neighbors comment! I like things kinda different too. I am working on my kitchen on a budget makeover and am hoping to finish it this week. Hoping you have a better week this week and that your son gets better.

  8. Still keeping you all in my thoughts.

    That cabinet sneak peek is fabulous! Can't wait to see more!

  9. Sounds like my kind of kitchen! glad things are getting better.

  10. Happy Easter...I like the cabinet. And your pictures are beautiful and inspiring.
    Thank you :-)


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