Easter Nest

Happy Monday! Happy Easter week!
The kids have SAT's this week and I feel like I'm the one testing. Homeschool moms know where I'm coming from on this. Feels like a test of my teaching abilities. But the good news is that I'll have a few days to relax... work on the nest. How are you spending today?


  1. Sweet Easter nest. Good luck on the SAT's. I hope you're able to relax and enjoy some downtime.

    I'm spending today working on unfinished projects and catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

    Have a happy day


  2. Lovely photos! Happy Easter week to you, too! Thanks, again, for the photo! It's perfect! :)

  3. We are wrapping up our 3rd quarter, and since they are in only 5th grade and under (lol) there are 3rd quarter tests :)
    Did you know I home school as well?

    I sure didn't know you did!!

    stop on by when you get a chance!!

  4. I finished my Easter display on my porch this weekend...still waiting for a few things ordered online to fill the baskets. I'm hoping the flowers are all in bloom by next Sunday. We have church this week on Thursday, Friday and of course, Sunday. I love your blog.

    Have a blessed Easter,

  5. In school teachers feel like it's a test of their abilities too. When we did SATs for Kindergarten and Second grade I always told my class that the test was to let me know what I needed to do to improve my teaching. Which is true. SAT's for Kindergarten is another story...Why even do it?
    Hugs, Susan

  6. I love you Easter banner!! Good luck with the SAT's! I survived them years ago, I can't imagine teaching/testing them,yuck!

  7. Your Easter nest is very pretty! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  8. Good luck to you all on the SATs,

    Victoria x

  9. Beautiful blog! I will be back more often to visit! hugs, Kimberly

  10. You are teaching your children more than they could learn in public school, you are teaching them about God! They will do fine! Love the new banner and background - very spring like! How am I spending today - I took photos of how I spent today and posted them on my blog! :)


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