Black Friday Flea Market

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Welcome to the Friday Flea Market! And welcome to all our new sellers. Check out our new FFM Network and see who's having Black Friday Sales!


  1. Oh I need to come check out the sales, I haven't left the house today and I'm feeling left out of the frenzy! Hope you had a wonderful holiday sweet friend :)


  2. I am going to check things out now. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. You continue to make beautiful blog banners with photos. Thanks for sharing your talents. Cheers,
    Shabby Creations

  3. Wewhoo! Just ordered my first PORCH magazine. I'm so excited. If you see the name Matthew Baird, that's me...well, my husband. Can't wait!
    Shabby Creations

  4. I went shoppin at the flea market earlier today... but came back to check out the Servant's Quarters. Love that laced lamp/birdcage. Know what you mean about A/Cs they are wonderful in the Summer but it is too bad we're stuck with them in the winter! It's looking fantastic up there! I'm tea dying some lace tomorrow for my sofa ;)


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