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Thrifyville And Friday Flea

Funny - the timing of things! There's a project that I've been working on specifically for you, my blog friends... and as things turned out - It's ready! A book that I think you will love (I say that a bit nervously - I'm kinda shy about this stuff). It's called Thriftyville - Over The Top Shops. It's a little book but I really, really packed it full of scrumptious photos. Over the years, I've been taking photos of some special shops that mom and I hit while on our buying trips/vacation (the very same places that I just returned from visiting -that's why the timing is so cool). These are packed to the gills kinds of stores - not like what we have in our local area or the typical resale places. You won't believe the floor to ceiling delicious stuff!!

I thought it would be fun to show you how some of these other shops set up their displays, etc. I'm anxiously hoping that you will enjoy it. I've tried to keep the cost inexpensive. Self-publishing companies have both benefits and drawbacks - a benefit is that it's print on demand (I don't have to do huge minimum order of 100's of copies) - a drawback is that the end cost is a little higher. Keeping that in mind, I jampacked each page full of photos and didn't do much writing - you get enough of my ramblings here, right?! I'd be ever so humbled if some of you (ok, even one of you) picked up a copy (this link will redirect you to the publishing site).

Ok enough already... I'll move on to Friday Flea Market. If you're interested in this dual tray with handpainted roses, Click Here

Handpainted tissue box - Click here

Vintage Teddy Bear - Click here

Old Oil Painting - Click here

Chippy Aqua Creamer - Click here

Old Lighthouse Oil Painting - Click here

Vintage Vogue Powder Puffs - Click here

Old Pyrex Berry Bowl & Creamer - Click Here
Be sure to visit all the sellers HERE


  1. You found some wonderful treasures! I am sorry to hear about the beetles eating your pretty flowers! We have quite a few beetles too but they haven't done a lot of damage yet. If only they would damage my weeds though! I take close-ups so you can't see those thistle that keep popping up...faster than we can pick them!
    Have a great day and happy treasure hunting!

  2. Your tissue box is so beautiful.............Mary

  3. I better go check out that link to the book!

  4. Wow, a book! How neat is that? I am intrigued...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me about your sewing venture with your Mother...and the curtains! I have it in the back of my mind that I need to try curtains. But my Mother lives out of state. Internet directions, here I come! :-)


  5. good Morning Polly OMG I loooove that mannequin and your book sounds delicious eye candy! Question how do you hide the links when you post? Example 'click here'?
    Also I put some ribbon in the basket in your shop and the shipping was kinda high?
    OO! Your lucky to go to Pearl in neighbors..I had a lovely conversation with them a couple weeks ago and they were inquiring about my altered vintage shoes...speaking of shoes....are you getting anymore? I am looking for those old black ankle boots that lace up in front or black vintage heels..also red for Xmas...cannot give away my ideas..someone already stole my shoe designs! Have to go out my beach bungalow is hot!
    oh thank you for the xtra pretties that came with my items..I have to tell you the scent that you use..reminded me of the powder my mother use to wear..old fragrance?

  6. yummy!
    i love all the eye candy today!! so fab.
    im off to check out all the links!!
    have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love that little white bear...he's adorable!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...we did have great seats for the concert but not close to the stage. Most of my pics were taken from the big screen they have behind the stage. I don't think I could ever afford to be in the front row...those tickets have got to be out of this world!!!

    Have a great Friday!

  8. Wonderful FFM items! Looks like a fun book, too! Best of luck to you!!

    Happy FFM!!

    BTW, is your cinnamon roll in your bathroom part of Celene's dz. for $7.99 that are bowl fillers? I'm confused on which to order.

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  9. I'm absorbed in the verses about the blessing of the Lord....(your side bar)....

    missn ya
    let's chat


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