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Plain Jane

We're going to a picnic today! Yep, right smack on a Tuesday.

Have you tried these? They're yucky - but how can you resist buying something with the name "Vanilla Lemonade" or "Southern Style Spice Lemonade"??

One time we served Mint Lemonade for a party. Here's the super easy recipe that I followed. I'm such a plain-jane! Do you have any fun summer recipes?

Do I seem a little discombobulated lately? I'm working on a project - here's a little peek. I'm sorry to be so James Bond-ish about it all but you know I'm suffering from discombobulation! I'll try to have my thoughts all gathered into one pretty basket tomorrow.


  1. Bond, Polly Bond.
    What's up sweet sis? I recieved a lovely little gift from you yesterday and It brightened my whole day! Thank you for thinking of me :) Tis but too true - the road to a friends house is never long. I LOVE the photo - can't wait to see what you are working on!! xoxo Sher

  2. 'discombobul' away - the pictures posted are dreamy and give me pause to plan an impromptu picnic this week. :o)

  3. What wonderful pictures...

    Oh, I cannot wait to see your project...
    I have been working on a few things as well...

    A Picnic on a Tuesday is fun idea...


  4. Can't wait to see the finished project...beautiful photographs!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  5. hahaha.... I love that word.... "discombobulated...:0)


  6. Hi Polly...I emailed the owner of the settee since she was so close to me....I thought just maybe that luscious thing could be in my newly remodeled bedroom soon...the reserve is $1800.00...just a bit high for me!!Oh well....I can Dream!!!

  7. Hey there, Polly, what a fun project you are working on! Can't wait to see more of it than the sneak peek!!!

    Happy night to you!


  8. oh gosh, can't wait to see what you are up to.
    Happy Week to you.
    Take a breath friend.

  9. I completely love your picnic gear! So fun!

  10. A Tuesday picnic sounds as wonderful as those leomanade names, have to try making the mint one.

  11. what a fun project you are working on! Can't wait to see more best works of yours. I hope you will share it with us as soon as possible.
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