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Did you get a chance to see this yummilicious thing on ebay? The bidding ended without meeting the reserve but while the photos are available, pop on over and take a look. Sometimes window shopping on ebay can be a little oasis.

The same seller had this green bucket which inspired me...

to fill my old green bucket with roses. I needed a peaceful respite after this last week! Shuffling a few pretties around was just about all I could handle =) My son said last night , "Just when there's a hope of progression - Life Happens."

Most surely Life does happen but it doesn't sneak up on God. =)


  1. Your roses are so pretty. They look so antique!

  2. Amazingly beautiful pictures! Your also a very funny gal!!!!!~

    thanks for sharing!!

  3. Polly, I love your roses in the old green bucket! Just lovely!

  4. Hi Polly
    ya poor mom was really sick about losing the baby books and alot of photos.. I'm like you would grab them first thing if there was a fire..
    CUTE Patio ''chair trio'' you got soooo-sooooooooo cute, looks like it sold too yah~!!
    hugs Patty

  5. The ONLY way you'd steal it is to beat me to it, my little dove!!!

  6. Thanks for the comment today :)
    I always read your blog on bloglines since I found your blog a couple weeks ago and I enjoy it :)

  7. I love how you just happened to have a gorgeous green bucket!


  8. Thank you for making me laugh! I never heard that expression before!
    I love the patio look...I love to surf photos on ebay too for ideas,cheaper than buying a magazine!
    do you have any Halloween like blog banners? I made a blog for my brother,he is in a mental hospital but a fantastic creepy artisan..he also can paint beautiful seascapes,portraits.George has 2 degrees in Art!
    He had a breakdown when my little brother Mike was found dead for several weeks from OD in a Boston gutter.We could use your wonderful prayers too..I need a community of like mined people in my area it is awful her..charming but the people are not! Good Ole NE!
    xxoo Denise

  9. I'm still thinking about that Polyvore site! That was so fun!

  10. Oh that setee is glorious and he's right near my area!! I wonder how Hubby would feel about having that in my bedroom? LOVE it!!!!!

  11. Love that seller's items! Thanks for pointing them out!!


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