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Vintage Linens

Can you pick a favorite out of all your vintage linens? I was at the flea market that thrills me the most on Saturday so I thought I share with you some of the vintage linens that crossed my path.
There's lots of great ideas out there for getting spots out of linens but grams and I agree that lemon juice and old fashion sunshine work the best =)

A wife of noble character... She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes. She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. ...Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

Be sure to stop by and visit all the Sunday Show and Tell participants. Hugs to Analise and Cherri for hosting - thank you, thank you!
Sunday Note: Because the Bible says that honoring the Sabbath is sign of the covenant between God and us - forever, I take Sundays as a day of rest. To honor Him, my Sunday posts are prepared the day before and any questions or orders that come through on Sundays will be responded to on Monday. Thank you so much for visiting.


  1. How could you possibly ever choose?? How wonderful.

  2. They are all so pretty!!!
    Thank you for sharing them.


  3. Hi Polly,
    I couldn't choose between all of the beautiful linens you have. I think that it is neat that your daughter is named Mya too but with a different spelling.
    Take care and have a wonderful day of rest.

  4. Lovely photo…
    Wonderful summer colors…
    The tablecloth in the 4th pictures would have come home with me…

    I love vintage tablecloths in the summer and the table full
    Of fresh steamed vegetables from the garden…
    in the middle a vase of zinnia’s.


  5. I love those aprons hanging on the line and that box of chenille makes my heart flutter! LOL

  6. Thanks for all the pretty pictures! You bought them all, right?!

  7. what beautiful linens!!! i really like the feed sacks...thanks for sharing:)

  8. Hi Polly!

    You know, whenever I come here, I often get so sidetracked by all the little goodies in your sidebars that I don't get to reading your posts. There are so many playthings here! This time, I even checked out your other blogs! You are a generous soul and I'm sure that God pours out enormous blessings in return! Thanks for all that you do!


  9. Love the linens, but the "Woman in Proverbs", her I'd like to talk to. She has set some pretty impossible standards, I'll be chattin' with her when I get to heaven :0)


  10. If I could only sew...what juicy colors.

  11. Ooooooohhhh...Love those photos Sis!

  12. I have many pieces that belonged to my grandmother...... I did not know about the lemon juice and sunshine.......... Thanks!!!!!! I have several quilt tops to finish this year and each of them have been stored away for years and some have some rust stains...... I will try the lemon juice.............

    have a great week..........

    and oh yes....... I want them all!!!!!!!

  13. Love the vintage aprons in the first photo! Looks like you did well.

  14. ooo, it's linen heaven over here! Love the aprons.

  15. jenn and Jacqui at the bowerbrds nest (away)May 18, 2008 at 10:58 PM

    Hi Polly!

    Melissa at The Inspired Room emailed to say you have asked after us? That is so sweet of you! Yes we have stopped blogging for now, kind of like a 'hibernation' of sorts! We are traveling with hubby for three months and then tackling some renovations to the new Nest so between all that there was no time to blog, as you know it takes a fair bit of time which we simply don't have enough of right now! We hope to be back later on in the year but I will be sure to let you know! Your blog is looking as gorgeous as ever by the way! And Happy Sring to you! It's Fall in Australia and quite cool now, time for the hot chocolates and scarves to come out :)

    Blessings always Polly, Jenn and Jacqui :)

  16. How hard to choose! They all look fabulous!

    Hope you have a great week!

    smiles, kari & kijsa


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