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Friday Flea Market

Have you noticed that our little Friday Flea Market has been given a nickname? Like a teenager who shortens Samantha to Sam, the flea market is becoming known as FFM around blogland. We have nearly 30 vendors now and it's growing every week. Can you believe that we've had appx 14,000 visits to our site in the short time since the FFM opened.?! If you would like to participate, just check out the info here (scroll down past the vendor links). If you're in it for the shopping, Welcome to the FFM! To view all my Flea Market items go here.

I've been trying out various printer companies for the cupcake and art postcards. It's taken months but I finally found one that really has great quality at a reasonable price. So I'm thrilled to show you some of our new postcards.


  1. Oh My goodness LOVE the cupcake postcards cute cute..
    Thanks Polly will check out the site you sent me ..hug Patty

  2. Everything is sooooo adorable, but I think hubby would shoot me if I bought anything else to "stash"!!

  3. Beautiful photos for the postcards!! Wowsers - FFM has grown! I was so suprised today (while I was posting my information late) I started college last week - I have been out of school for 27 years. It is taking a bit of adjusting to say the least. LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog Polly. I have things posted so feel free to pop in again.

    Thanks for all you do!

  4. I love FFM but get frustrated when less that half the venders have a flea market post, like this week.

  5. What a lovely blog you have, I will have to go check out all of the flea market goodies. :)

  6. Good afternoon dear Polly!
    Hope you are having a lovely day, I am sending blessings your way for a great weekend with you family too!
    Your such a talented woman, I love your pictues so much, thanks again for the beautiful blog banners! Every time I look at mine I think of you...

    I will pop over and look at your FFM's too...

    Donna Lynn

  7. Hi Polly,
    I'm going to go check out the postcards, they look absolutely beautiful from here.

    Happy weekend~

  8. Hi Polly....I did notice that a lot of the bloggers who added their links for FFM are not actually participating as SELLERS. I thought that was quite puzzling.... As a seller though I do appreciate all that you have done to help me promote my items! Thank you so much Polly!

  9. Your post cards are just lovely! You do wonderful work:-) How was Pec Thing?? I had it bookmarked to go but it just came around too fast for me this year. Oh well maybe next year. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. Oh I love them! They are just gorgeous! I want to do that to my photos too :) There are so many blessed and talented women - everyday women like you and me - a whole world of us who are not professionals but take the most gorgeous photos. I say we should all do this - and start a Postcard Club!
    Love yours sis -
    xo Sher


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