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Hello Dolly

Hiya Doll Face! Happy Monday.

Aren't these funny little dolls?

Found them at one of the sales over the weekend.
They both have a receipe attached - Strawberry Truffle Pie & Champagne Truffle Candies. I've never seen them before but I'm not a big doll person. I just thought they would be cute for some photos that I'm doing. They'll be on the free gift site if anyone's interested.


  1. Just visiting your blog for a while. Fun read! You are making suck wonderful blog banners. Very impressive. How is the Social Graces going?
    Shabby Creations

  2. My favorite is the Strawberry!♥

    PS...I'm having a Mother's Day Giveaway, don't forget to stop by!☺

  3. I've missed you...I just haven't had the time lately sidebar is so full of wonderful people...but it takes at least an hour to read through it....anyway...let's chat

  4. Good Morning Polly,

    Your dollies are truly scrumptuous :)


  5. Hi!
    I just found your blog moments ago from another blog on bloglines and found out about your free banners. WOW, thank you and God bless you for that!!!
    I have one installed on my blog, I just did it, come check it out sometime :)
    I gave your blog credit on my sidebar next to my email address. Not sure what I was supposed to do with giving credit so I hope that is ok.
    Thanks again.


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