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Good Clean Fun

Fifi says that every time she cleans her house, she falls in love with it again. This weeks unfamiliar pleasure: A house clean enough to make me swoon!
Summer break begins on Friday. Wouldn't it be lovely to start the Summer all tidied up?!

Wait a minute... There's a pink washer and dryer out there somewhere???


  1. Good inspiration for me Polly! I love my house when it's super clean, why don't I keep it that way?

  2. Sounds good!I think I'll open the windows, light a candle and start the music (I love to play the music loud when I'm cleaning helps me rock out and clean faster. lol).

  3. Yep, cleaning house makes me swoon alright!! LOL.....Cute look into the past. Funny thing is I remember those ads from my childhood!!! Does that mean I'm old?!?! Oh nuuuuuuuu.......

  4. Do ya think laundry would be more *fun* if the W/D were pink?!
    I've been visiting for awhile but not commenting. I wanted to take a minute to say thank-you for your lovely blog. I really appreciate your spirit of giving. And the tidbits of the Word along the way...a great encouragement! So keep it up!
    Have a great day!

  5. Yum~ A fresh clean house!!! now that's bliss baby!!!!~

  6. I'm with Fifi... a clean house in always a new house... so good to be in it! :)

    Enjoy your clean house


  7. How much pink paint do you have??? You could do a make over on your washer and dryer, LOL

  8. Hi Polly,
    I think laundry would be divine in a pink washer and dryer! I might just stay in there and never come out, the fun of decorating around those would be wonderful!!!!

    I too fall in love with my house each time I clean it! Nothing like a dust free clean smelling home...

    Hope you have a lovely clean time tomorrow!
    Donna Lynn

  9. I love old ads! They're so Donna Reed aren't they? I can't believe you found an ad with a PINK washer and dryer!
    Yes it's spring cleaning time and we're cleaning big time at our house! Lots of work but always worth it!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  10. I would love my house more if you came over and cleaned it with me. Kay?


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