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Apologies to Anthropologie

Possibly the only thing more thrilling to me than junking is a visit to Anthropologie. It's such a great stop for inspiration and picture taking - If you can sneak them! Have you ever been caught taking pictures in a store? I have honed my sneaking skills and will share my secret: I walk straight in holding my camera in plain view, give the cashier a nod, stop right in front of her and get the lay of the land. I find a corner to start in and say, "Thanks so much! I'll start over here." If they question me at all, I totally cave and blame it all my blogfriends! =) Here's my collection of contraband photos smuggled from the borders of Chicago.
Everytime I go to an Anthropologie store, no matter which one it is, I think "Ooooo I could LIVE here!" So I thought I'd give it a whirl...
I made a makeshift ANTHROPOLLYGE in my own nest, a menagerie of display-perfect corners (Oh, come-on, you know you want to try it sometime). Pretending my tarnished crowns and tattered quilts might be adored by onlookers.

Somebody could poke their eye out!


  1. Your fabrics make me drool. I think I have that same pink rose tablecloth, second one on the right. In fact, I have it in two different sizes:>) I would come shop in your house any time. I've never been to Anthropologie!

  2. A D O R A B L E - my sweet chickadee! Best place to hide is in plain sight and best way to covertly take pix is being up front and act like you're a pro and not afraid of "ANYONE OR ANYTHING"!!! That's my style also. I've also been know to take a much cheaper mug of soda pop into a fast food place and just order their hamburger. Embarrasses my friends but hey, I'm buying their food and saving money on the drinks!! Hah

  3. Oh my, you have so much going on, I just could'nt read it all today. I want to be in your Friday Flea Market, what do I need to do. I simply adore everything you have.
    Hugs, RoseMarie

  4. Great picture taking strategy! I'll have to try it sometime...

    Would you like to trade web links with me on my site? I have

    Your site is very cool!

  5. You are to funny! LOL Can I come on your next adveture, looks like you live in the land of Plenty! Have a wonderful day it looks like you already are! FUN,,,FUN! xxoo Diana Lyn

  6. Well, from one who is still a bit shy about taking pictures....great strategy! Just be up front and do it! I like your style!


  7. Oh thanks Polly the lavender color is pretty isn't it ..I seem to change color with the theme (:)
    Your Anthro shop is fab love the pink bird in the nest..and I laugh as I read your ''sneak shots'' ,,, I have done that afew times and usually say something to the staff ..but the thing is ''they probably think we are just trying to steal their ideas.. (:)
    well hope your day is a fabulous one..hugs Patty

  8. This onlooker is adoring your AnthroPollygical corner...
    I've never been near one of those stores.

  9. I am always too afraid to even ask if I can take photos Sis! Everywhere I go - I am nervous they'll say NO! Get Out! And I am ashamed to admit it - I've never been to an Anthropologie store! It looks like my kind of place!!
    xoxo Sher

  10. I've never been in an Anthropolgie...ever!

    I love yours though!

  11. I wish I lived near an anthropologie. You have an award to pick up at my site.

  12. Polly, you are a wonderful photographer! I LOVE your pictures! Hmmm, wonder if I could walk in a store & do that?!?!

    Is that a little salter spoon I spy in the 3rd pic down with the little crown topper on it?

    Angelic Accents

  13. I love that store! I always feel inspired to sew after visiting. :0)

  14. Too funny! I just went to Anthopolgie for the first time on Tuesday. I was wishing I had my camera. Oh, I love their stuff. I told my hubby that I wanted to go home and "start over" with all new stuff from Anthropologie. Of course, I didn't...but there was a thought!

  15. I love the store as well!!!
    its a great mix. Just bought a great shower curtain there that im redoing my bathroom around.


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