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Blog Bliss

Thought I'd share some bliss...

Cider Antiques website has a grand opening today!

Shabby Creations has some LOVELY new blog templates for only $8.00!!

Shabby in the City has gone all crafty on us. She sent me a couple tags with my Friday Flea Market purchase. Aren't they lovely?! She has some on her Etsy site. Run like the wind, Bullseye! (Toystory 2)

Dig into your bucket of bliss and sprinkle some sweetness around today...

P.S. Saying goodbye to pretty Mr. Eye Candy, Jason Castro (American Idol). Does anyone else see...

the resemblance?

Yesterday's unfamiliar pleasure: My four year old seriously fouled me but I got the bucket! He called our game "shoots" ...and when did he learn to dribbled the ball between his legs???


  1. I "almost" picked up some of those chocolates today..."almost", I had just come from the doc's and had some weight loss so I think I'll keep at it...LOL!

    Those templates are lovely!! ☺

  2. Wow Polly, he does look like her! I always thought he looks like a young John Travolta. I hate to see him go :(

  3. Thanks for the plug Polly!
    Jason does look like that girl...I don't know her.
    I cancelled the paypal when we traded...right?
    And nope I haven't heard yet...head hurts too.

  4. So sad to see him go! I love those eyes!

    That candy looks like just what I need today!

  5. love your goodies!!!
    i wanted to pop over and give you a HUGE thank you for the gorgeous banner i now have thanks to your banner of blessings blog...i have been wanting to re~vamp for a while and i love my new look {except for some tweaking that still needs to be done} with my gorgeous new banner...thank you thank you SO SO much!!!

  6. This is a great site - I will be adding you to my list of favourites! Thanks so much!

  7. Polly,
    Love the look of those Bliss chocolates! YUM!
    I haven't tried that kind yet...I feel the need to get to the store tonight!
    Donna Lynn

  8. Yes, Jason DOES look like the lovely lady from "House". Syesha is from my hometown, Sarasota, FL, so I'm cheering her on. All 3 of the finalists are good I think. Sue

  9. I loved the other long haired rocker that wa son American Idol on Wednesday .....yep,Bo!

    He was always my favorite.:-)

    Happy Mother's day weekend!

    Pat in NY

  10. ooooh...seeing those chocolates really made me want some chocolate...but then I remembered that I don't have any in the house and was disappointed. However, I am going to the grocery store later to get milk...which means that I can also buy a bonbon! Woohoo :o)


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