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A Gargle & A Gaggle

I wore mismatched shoes the entire day. No one noticed. Or if they did, nobody said so. But then again, the day was destined to go south long before I put shoes on.

The alarm buzzed and my cold medicine head didn't quite comprehend the noise. My throat needed a good gargle and my head was achy. I rolled over in bed and looked my bleary eyes toward the window. Always wondering if Spring is going to happen today. But I could only see a blackish blob with a tiny halo of blue sky around it. I strained a bit to focus and then bolted upright!

A gianormous turkey was perched on the branch just outside our window! Scared the liver right out of me! Once I was awake enough to comprehend that it was just a turkey peering in at me, I hopped out of bed and threw back the curtain. All at once 5 turkeys swooped from the trees down into the yard. Oddly, all I could think was, "Turkey poop dropping from the sky is probably huge!"

When I woke the kids to show them, the turkeys were gone. Until they chased my truck out the drive and down the lane. By the time I realized that I'd grabbed mismatched shoes, the day was in full swing. I didn't feel well and didn't have time to make another trip home. Some days are just going to fall into the "uninspired" bucket - might as well accept it.

But when I finally did get home (and no tukeys were waiting in the wing), there was a little package waiting for me. Cindy from Cottage Remnant sent me a lovely sachet with lavender oils, which I immediately warmed and took to the sofa! A warm lavender compress to soothe my aching head, and a bookmark with the meaning of my name -taken from the Greek.

I got tears in my eyes when I read: Industrious Weaver - Creative Spirit. That God knew what kinds of things I would enjoy long before my parents thought up my name. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. That before my day began He knew a healing package would arrive. ...for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

So the next time your day begins with a turkey, take it as a reminder of love. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows (or turkeys, in this case).


  1. Oh Polly - isn't God so sweet and good!! I'm sorry for the day you had, but the precious reminders of His love and care were surely a blessing! I love Cindy's sweet gift - pretty! And your name meaning....perfect. Isn't that awesome!

    Love your posts...

    Hugs and blessings,
    Becky S.

  2. Polly, you poor dear. What a day. The mismatched shoes I can imagine, I have been there myself (LOL), but the gianormous turkey looking at you through the window, THAT would frightening enough to scare the liver out of me too! Holy cow (turkey?).

    Great post, and thanks for the sweet reminder that God DOES know what we need and delights in providing for us (even when all we see at first are the giant TURKEYS). I REALLY needed that message today, it was brilliant Polly, really wonderful. I could cry at the thought, but I don't have time. Ever get so busy you don't have time for emotional outbursts? :-)

    Happy and blessed day, Polly!


  3. Oh Polly! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! You left such cute and sweet comments! This post is sooo funny! Yet so inspirational! And it's so weird, I am having a "turkey of a day" today, so now I am pausing to remember His love. Thank you for the reminder (in a quirky, humorous kind of way)! ;)
    Love your blog, there's so much more I have to read and look at! Take care...

  4. Aw Miss Polly,
    feel better soon!


  5. That's so neat how God knows even before we do exactly what we need to get thru each day! In other words, He knows when it's going to be a turkey-poop day!
    May your shoes match tomorrow!
    God bless.
    Brenda :)

  6. I am sorry about your day. Our GOD is so awesome....

  7. the shoe collection!

  8. Thanks Polly,
    I'm glad that God was able to use me to bless you this week.

    Thanks for being a blessing♥


  9. Polly you are both poetic and precious, I just loved this post!


  10. You make me laugh........ and that is a good thing........ Hope you have a non mismatched weekend.........

  11. I love your blog! its so informative, thanks for all the ideas. im new to blogging and trying to learn.


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