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Friday Flea Market

Click HERE to Shop for these and more...

And for those who don't know, there's free blog banners, etsy banners, and ebay templates HERE.


  1. Hi Polly, neat things. I love your banners and I'm using one right now. Thank you so much. Hugs, Linda

  2. Good morning Polly! You have such a pretty blog... and how sweet of you to share your lovely blog banner with the rest of us not so crafty people out here :)

    It is a pleasure to come here.

    Have a good day


  3. Oh, sometime else: I don't see my humble blog listed in your "Lovely Sites"... would you add it? It will be an honor for me.

    thank you, sweetie.


  4. Polly,

    I always enjoy seeing the beautiful items that you have for sale on Friday Flea Market and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my prints.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Your banners are wonderful!! You are getting really good! Thanks for the tips on the blogger, I am going to have to figure it out. Email me and send me all your links and I will add them to my blog.
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Polly Oh my goodness did you make the wonderful nest pillows they are so sweet(:) Yes I paint and thanks for looking at my space(:)
    ~~are those all your cute heals?? Your spaces are looking wonderful~!!!
    hugs Patty

  7. me again I just checked out your darling typewriter bracelets great job..and I went to you Romantic Places
    and see you love ''Free People'' too
    I had seen them on the web a long time back and always loved their style.. maybe alittle young for me but I still like that look ..(:)hugs Patty

  8. Hi Polly!

    Thank you so much for your warm welcome to Friday Flea Market!

    I enjoy your blog so very much and how kind of you to offer the beautiful blog banners!

    LOVE the shoe post!

    Be Blessed,

  9. I am here to wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend....Mary

  10. Dear Polly,
    This is what I get for taking days off to Spring clean (yuck). I love your Flea Market Fridays - the keys are beautiful, gee I thought I was so creative coming up with this idea - great minds think alike!
    I always love coming here. Happy weekend!

  11. Polly,
    Please remove my Friday Flea Market link for now.

  12. Oh such lovely blog banners etc.
    Love Alison x

  13. I wish I could change my banners for the seasons, but alas, mine is what it is.

    Spring Nest Pillows? Well, of course you must add that to Mr. Linky! I'll do it for you! That definitely counts as spring fluffing! :-)

    Happy weekend!

  14. Hi Polly,

    I am so excited!!! My bracelet came today and it is ADORABLE!!!!! Thank you so much for all of my goodies :) I had to show it off on my post today!


  15. Polly, your banners are great! How kind of you to offer them!! You are always so generous! Thank you!


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