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Toiling & Spinning

It seems I'm not busy enough... I've found new ways of spinning and toiling. Just in case you or I might need a dash of romance - any time of day or night, there's a little romantic inspiration widget over there on the left sidebar. There's plenty in that little box for a good lot of entertainment!

And I would know because I spent yesterday morning putting it together. The kids weren't feeling well so as they rested, I played. Why, oh why, can't I slow the dance? Sometimes it's necessary - I keep reminding myself. A little twirling is lovely - too much is dizzying.

Will it all fall apart if I don't pirouette today? Creating... Sewing... Making Virtual Pretties... But I love this pirouette-ing business!

But I don't love it most... So maybe today (and maybe the next day) I'm chosing to pirouette about with my babas in arm... sons tiptoed atop my shoes... daughter chattering on and on... Even though I love, love, love this toiling... There's only so much time for spinning with my children. And I shall not worry about the work waiting for me...

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin...


  1. Oh! I love this post! Toiling is something I do quite well, and I do love it, but you are absolutely right....there's only so much time for spinning with your children. Thanks for putting this wonderful sentiment so beautifully!

  2. So beautiful. Thank you for the reminder! Time if passing so quickly isn't it? Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Polly. xoRachel

  3. Loved your post...somtimes we do need to stop for a moment and just enjoy our spinning.
    I really enjoyed your What a sale. It was beautiful, like a party where you were the guest and could also find treasure to take home.
    Enjoy your day...and spin just a wee bit. Hugs, Linda

  4. What a beautiful reminder- your children are blessed! I love the scripture tie in as well - PERFECT!

    Happy Easter if I don't drop by before...

    Hugs and blessings,
    Becky S.

  5. ahh yes..I know this scripture well.. still I worry.
    any way.. your wonderful flea offerings are so fun...
    wish I could partake..
    Happy Spring and most of all Happiest of Easters to you and your family.


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-- Author Unknown

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