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Itching & Scratching

I saw the sun a couple days ago (she's such a tease) and now I'm getting itchy for garage sale season!! We have some of the best historic neighborhood sales around here. There's so many that you couldn't possibly hit each one - but I like to try!

A few years back, my mom, my aunts and myself hosted a fun sale. It was held at my parents.

The front yard & porch were filled with yummy treasures. I think I bought more than I made =)

And tea, coffee and desserts were served on the back porch. There was beautiful French Cafe style music playing... Kids running about... All my aunts, great aunts and my grandma wore lovely hats (that's mom donning her rose dress and floppy Easter hat). It took them weeks to pick out the perfect hat. They bought rose scented bags for sending treasures off to their new homes... We invited all our friends, took out an ad in the paper, put flyers at the local market. A gianormous one day yard sale! And when the day ended, we all wished it could go on just a little while longer.

That was the beginning of a mother/daughter venture called Shabby Rose. Mom and I had been bitten by the junking bug! And so began the itching and scratching...


  1. That is so cool!!!! Every neighborhood should have this day :)
    Maybe I should get the ball rolling around here...

  2. That sounds so fabulous! Unfortunately the British version of garage sales, car boots sales don't extend from greasy burger vans!!


  3. If the rain would only let up here in WA so I can seek out some sales....I saw some signs over the weekend but they were washed out!

  4. What lovely pictures! I am DIE-ing for some green grass and sunshine! And, Oh, to don my flowered skirts again!

  5. Polly, THAT IS A FABULOUS IDEA! (jumping up and down with glee) I love it. And I love your blog! xoRachel

  6. Hi Polly, I really enjoyed seeing these photos and reading about your Mother/Daughter venture. What a wonderful way to have quality time with your Mom and do something fun and productive too.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments about the column width. I have the center column set to float so that when the window is expanded to full size everythign is in place, or should be. We have three computers here in our home. After reading yoru note I checked it on all three. What I found was that if the page is not expanded, it has the look you described. Will you please check again and let me know if you can see it fully or if it is that way even when expanded. I may need to change my settings. Thank you again for sharing this information.

    Also, I really enjoy stopping by your blog.


  7. Hi There,
    It is me again. I read your second post and saw that the problem cleared up. This leads me to believe that the floating middle column is the problem. If that is happening to you, it is probably happening to others who will just click through without stopping. I'm going to change the settings.

    Thanks Polly,


  8. Just came upon your blog and love it! Definitely one to keep up with it!

  9. Oh wow! That looked just FABULOUS! Now, why the heck do I live so far from you????

  10. Well, here we got winter with snow and cold weather some days ago, so it seems as if we will have to wait longer for spring to arrive. Not something we appriciate!!
    I would love to visit one of your sales there. They aren't that common here.
    Hope you get a nice Easter.
    Love Elzie

  11. Oh what a fun sale that must have been


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