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On The Road

Happy Monday! Have you had enough caffeine yet? Boy, if I could've called in this morning, I sure would have. Calling-in just isn't the same when you work and school from home =). I do want take a minute to thank all of our first Friday Flea Market sellers! I thought it was fun and there are even a few more sellers on the list for our next Friday Flea.

I was able to steal away over the weekend to visit a friend's shop. She lives way, way, way out in the country and has a darling store on her property. I always wonder how the shop can thrive being so far out but God has brought the business to her! It's called The Empty Attic - isn't that cute?! I'll show you all my goodies tomorrow.

Cathy from Avalon Rose Designs tagged me for 7 random or wierd facts. I fear that I've already wierded you out enough so I thought perhaps this time I'd ease into it - I'll just tell one thing today. How's that? ...I think you all know that I grew up in an old Victorian house but I also grew up on the road...

When I was a kid, we lived for 3 months of every year in a 1948 Greyhound bus. We always left the day after Christmas and drove to the Florida Keys. We didn't return until April. Mom was a homeschooler before homeschooling was even popular. My brothers and sister and I all attended a very small ACE school (Accelerated Christian Education) in our elementary years and my parents found a similar school on Marathon Key so we did all our work in the bus, or at a picnic table, etc. and then went into the Florida school once a week to get our work checked and take tests. Hmmm... I suppose it's no great wonder then why I love the gypsy look!


  1. Wow Polly...How neat is that? Spending winters in the FL Keys in a Greyhound bus. Sounds like a great childhood to me. Sue :)

  2. Love love love those cups!! Sooo pretty!! Your friends store looks cute!!, can't wait to see more pictures!!
    Is that the bus you lived on? That's a pretty neat story to tell. :)

  3. Hello Polly!

    I'm not sure whether we've met yet, but I don't think least not officially...

    I've spent the last hour or so off and on looking through your whole blog - wow, I'm just so very blessed by your writing and creativity and warmth...may I please add a link to your blog from mine (Just Bee 'n Me)under my "Cottage Inspiration" section...? I guess it's just a God thing, but for some reason I've just been so caught up in reading about your life and times...and seeing all your wonderful thrifting goodies, hearing the heart of the Father in your counted blessings, etc.

    Anyway, don't mean to gush, but suffice to say I've found a wonderful new blog destination and I look forward to coming by often to see what's new...

    BTW, we have very similar-looking new puppies (we got ours at Christmas...and I'm still cleaning up accidents from time to time) - and I have your exact same rose dishes that I've seen on several of your posts...

    Oh well, gotta run, but I'm glad I stopped by!

    Hugs and blessings!
    Becky S.

  4. That is so absolutely cool. What a neat story. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Happy Monday the pretty teacups!

  6. Hey Sis! I'm feeling better today and popped over here to see you. I LOVE the Cups - I think I want to start a collection. Actually, I think I want to do Creamers & Suger Bowls. Little Dainty ones. I have 2 small sets already - but your cups are divine!! I am off to check out that Free Victorian Clip Art that I am printing tags too I am on the lookout for cute images! hugs sis, xoxo Sher

  7. Love the teacups! Please tell us more about the little shop your friend owns.Can I get there from here?
    Your childhood sounds like a dream. I love to travel! Better yet, in a bus! Your blessed to have such wonderful childhood memories.


  8. Polly,
    Love the teacups and the post today!


  9. How much fun that has to be.. Not a boring childhood... Many memories must go with that... I love the tea cups... I am really trying to get my act together to do the Friday Flea Market thing... just too busy right now.. but if you continue with it I am sure I will jump in there soon....


  10. What a wonderfully rich childhood you must've had!

  11. I love your story; what a great time you must have had.

    Oh, and the tea cups are so pretty!

  12. Polly...lemme know if you got my invoice..I am having issues...LOL between blogger and my email I am ready to scream...

  13. Lovely little roses teacups Polly..Oh I know penny's pink bulbs are precious.. hugs Patty

  14. The Partridge Family! Well...sort of :) That must be some happy memories!
    Those tea cups are purty!

  15. You know me, I am all for an adventure! How FUN that must have been to take off every year in the 1948 Greyhound bus. I am jelous! The little shop is so cute! Looking foward to the inside shots.

  16. Just from the outside the Empty Attic looks neat...looking forward to seeing your treasures.
    Your bus looks so cool, what adventures you must have had. Linda

  17. What adventures you have had!!!

    Happy day :-)


  18. What great memories you must have!

  19. Yay ACE!! My 2 youngest kids are attending the CA regional convention next week. They also attend a very small ACE school. :)

  20. Gosh, what did your parents do for a living, that they could take off every winter? That's my dream life. I'm so tired of winter this year!

  21. What a fun and interesting fact about you! When I was young we camped for a couple of weeks every summer in tents at National Forests. When I was 13 my parents bought a campground and we lived in travel trailers(two with a deck inbetween) all summer.

  22. How cool! We would love to do that with our kids! We've even talked about it. But so far we haven't come up with a way to make a living on the road. What great memories for you!


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