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Friday Flea Market Tips

I don' t know about you but I'm rushing about trying to get everything ready for our Friday Flea Market. I wanted to take a minute to give a few instructions.

What time will it start: US sellers you can post your listings anytime after midnight Thursday (12:00 a.m. Friday). International Sellers, Here is a link to the World Clock. Your listings should be posted to coincide with US Friday morning 7:00 a.m. central time (Midwest). It's meant to be fun so don't stress yourself out over being exactly on time. I'm just trying to keep the timeframe similar so that you'll have the most traffic possible.

Are You Signed Up: If you received an email receipt for either your 6 or 12 month selection, your link will be added to our shopping page by the following Thursday afternoon. I know you all understand that as a homeschool mom, I'm not always able to drop what I'm doing and add each link to the list individually so I add them collectively on Thursdays. If you did not receive a reciept, please log into and see if your payment is there. If so, make a note of the reference number or the FFM order number and then email me at

How do I add the Widget w/Link on my Sidebar: In blogger, sign into your account, go into "customize", then "layout" and select "add gadget" then you're going to add a picture. Click browse and find the picture on your computer. Then enter the site address ( where it says "link". Click Save. That's it. If you have Wordpress go here for instructions. If you have Typepad, go here for instructions.

What Can I Sell: You may sell anything you like. Typically lesser priced items ($15 and under) will sell the best. Heavy items are costly to ship. There's no limit to how many items you can list each week. You are responsible for your own sales and shipping. If customers have questions, they are to contact you directly from your blog. You should not sell anything that would be considered mature (anything with nudity or extreme profanity). Let's keep this a clean & safe Flea Market. Any violaters will be removed.

How Can I Mark an Item as Sold: If you are selling directly from your blog, you can either instruct the buyers to check the comments to see if an item sold or you will need to edit your post to mark items SOLD as they sell. If you have more than one of the same item, be sure to indicate the price per item. If you would like to use a Paypal Buy Now button, there are instructions Here.

Who do I Contact if I Have Questions: Please feel free to email me (Polly)- I will get back to you as soon as I can. Because we are a homeschooling family and because we all have lives outside of our blogs (sort of, lol), I may not always be available to answer questions immediately but I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Happy Flea Marketing!


  1. I getting excited. I can hardly wait to see all the goodies. Linda

  2. Even though I've nothing to sell, I can certainly buy, buy, buy. Good luck with the flea market!

  3. I am very interested in doing this and will try to get my stuff together for next week...... I will go back and read the instructions again.... I am not very blog savy......... but it is a great idea!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sadly I'm just not organised this week as we have a long weekend this weekend with Monday off so too much else to do. BUT I am going to join in for sure and will have fun looking at the goodies on offer this week!!
    alicia ~ time worn style

    This is grreat! I'm not a seller but buyer, yes! Thanks for giving us the lowdown

  6. Hi ya Polly! Ok it's 3:12 a.m.. Too tired to figure out the widget thingy. But I do have a link back to your blog and a photo of the widget on my blog. I'm in for this week anyway....
    Thanks for hosting this for us!

  7. I would like to participate in Flea Market Friday, but alas, not this week. I am trying to figure this stuff out, the technical stuff that is.
    I have suffered over the years from a technical bypass-meaning that computers and I don't necessarily get along-but the Lord has really helped me with this, and I trust that someway I will figure it out, with His help, or He will allow others to be used to teach me the tecno stuff. So look for an email from me regarding signing up.

  8. Polly, sorry to bother you again. Is there a way to edit the keep and share comment page once it is posted? I wanted to fix my link so that it would be clickable and also to just list my name and remove the date.
    Sorry..... I didn't know about flea market friday until about 2 a.m. this morning. Should have just passed til next time but since I am in I wanted to fix it.

  9. Wow such wonderful things....Smiles

  10. I'm in Polly..will you
    please add me..Deena

  11. Here's my link

  12. Hi. I am having trouble setting up Friday Flea Market to my blog. Maybe you could help me. I followed the directions on the FFM page but no luck. I am so excited to sell and buy. I like the new blog and banner!!! Ellen

  13. Hi ,
    I am a late comer tonight . I just found out about your wonderful Flea Market Friday. I think I have everything set up correctly on my blog, and have left a post with my link.
    Thank you! Can't wait to see what everyone posts.


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