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Flock Together

Look at the precious gift I got yesterday from Lallee at Lallee's Cottage!

Ah, birds of a feather... I love it that I get to be friends with other gals who have similar tastes as me! Look how well our birdies play together =)
Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap... Of how much more value are you than the birds?

Lallee has some amazing handmade stuff! Go check out her Etsy shop HERE

Don't forget to sign up for the Friday Flea Market if you are going to be a seller.


  1. I love it. So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just droppin' by to say hello, dear Polly. xoRachel

  3. tooo cute stuff............. I need to check out etsy!!!!!! not sure what it is but I will find out....... Have a great Thursday....

  4. I love your blog, you have some very cute things..Glad that I stoped by. Katie

  5. Tag! You're it! Come check out my blog for details!


  6. I love your ideas and your site. Marvelous, dahling.

  7. Little birdie looks like she is right at home in all your pink and roses. Thank you for putting up my links! I'm gathering my pennies for the flea market tomorrow. Fun! Hope your finger is better.


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