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Polly Parrot's Cage

I'm reducing! I've purposed that today is the day and I'm going to get started! ... any moment now... right when I'm done with this Diet Pepsi! Today is cleaning day. It's amazing how quickly the crafting areas of the house can become trashy looking. All that inspires me is lost in the abyss of scraps and leftovers. (Ok, I admit, it's pretty much all the areas of the house.) While I stand firm in my belief that Monday's should be fun, I've discussed it with myself and at least one of us has decided that today would be the perfect day to not put off what I was going to do some other and much later day! And I'm taking advantage of this non-school day, giving the kids a list with their portion of today's cleaning career. To parrot an old phrase (and Kate from John & Kate Plus 8), "it teaches kids to develop a strong work ethic." And grams and Kate can't both be wrong!


  1. Hi Polly..there are just some things we keep putting off. I know exactly what you mean. I hope you have success today especially with your helpers on hand. Linda

  2. Hi Polly, Thank you for dropping by my porch. I'd love for you to come back for a visit! I'll check our Kari and Kajsa's blog for that recipe. Thanks for the tip! Have a wonderful day. I liked your thoughts about Monday should be fun. xo Rachel

  3. Hi Polly..I have been known to watch quite a few episodes of John and Kate plus 8..but I cannot stand the way Kate treats John....someone really needs to take her aside and talk to her!

  4. Hope you and your helpers had a good cleaning day. I like John & Kate but I'm so glad that isn't my life.

  5. Hi Polly,
    Well - I sure give you credit! I just got my post for the day finished and it's 2:15 my time, ever have one of those days?

    I better go read Kate's 8 Tips (#4), I certainly need it today. Pass me a diet Pepsi, please???


  6. Me again,

    Got it! Thanks, I'll try to remember that with my teenager:)

  7. HI Polly ~ I just love John and Kate plus 8 ~ when my daughter comes home on the weekends from college we sit together and watch the tevo of it ~ Do you notice how she has Bible verses all over her kitchen cabinets ? I love that !

  8. You have inspired me I am off to clean my closet...Smiles

  9. Happy Monday!
    I totally agree.. I try so hard to get my 3 to keep their rooms clean and that..just because 'it's not mine..' is not an excuse! What a battle sometimes..but everytime when 'cleaning day' is over they all agree they are glad that they did it!
    Hope your day was wonderfuly productive! Xo

  10. Apparently I was on the same line of thinking today too. LOL Handed each of the kids their list and got them off to work (while I updated my blog- bad mommy)
    Nothing fun about weeding through craft scraps! I can't throw any of it away! (I may use it after all)
    ps LOVE Kate!

  11. Oh my shop tonight is in such disarray...... I have worked out there all day and just walked out and left the mess.......... Guess what....... it will be there in the morning.....YUCK!!!!!!!!

    :0 hugsx0x00x0x

  12. Hi Polly
    I hope you had a good
    productive day!!
    and a bit of fun too
    smiles, deena

  13. Shhhh! You are invited to a SURPRISE BLOGGY BIRTHDAY PARTY for kari this Wednesday, Feb 20.
    She is turning 40!!!

    Stop by the party on Wednesday to mingle a bit, say hi to the birthday girl, enjoy a bite of cake, and check out the party favor giveaway!


  14. Sis I have a LIST as long as my arm of what I've been putting off...It's just that there is never enough time to do it all. I have to force myself to prioritize. I love that 1913 print - I want a hat just like that! I remember in the small town in Texas I grew up in - all the ladies STILL wore big fancy feathery hats to Church - and I LOVED it - Hats are my favorites...I wish I could get away with wearing them without feeling embarrassed. Hope you have a good week! I am going to check out the link.....xoxo Sherri

  15. Hello Polly, I found your blog through Dena of Swaddle Cottage. Not done browsing, but I want to say Count Your Blessings is a nice name and I like your motto of Blessings Follow Obedience :) I am trying to post things I am thankful for...

    God Bless.

  16. I've always been a firm believer that while many revere Monday as the most troublesome day of the should be thought of as a fun, exciting, thought provoking day! It begins a whole new work week...right?


  17. Happy Tuesday, hope Monday went well!



  18. Wondering if you got what you wanted accomplished??


  19. I'm with you! I need to get myslef organized as I am off this week frmo work--but then, why did I just watch a movie? Darn, I'll never catch up! Hope you did!

  20. Your Diet Pepsi is safe around Kari and Kijsa...but not me :) That is my drink of choice!


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