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Just a Housewife

We're in the middle of frog central around here. Frogs and States and SAT prep. I haven't decided yet which is more difficult, teaching homeschool or cramming tons of homework into those few after-school hours. We have two in a traditional school setting this year, one full time homeschooler and one part time homeschooler. The highschooler said to me this afternoon, "I need you to make sure that I get this book finished TONIGHT!" I said, "When's your assignment due?" "Tomorrow... so just keep making me read, ok? Oh, mom, did you go to the bank for me today?" "Yes and, as your secretary, I also took the call and forwarded a message to the school office that your 4:30 meeting has been postponed. And I watched half of that documentary you saw at school and suggested I see." "Why didn't you watch all of it?" He asks so innocently.

This morning my 4th grader's teacher asked me if he's been working in his spelling book at home. I said, "I haven't seen a spelling book. When was he supposed to have been working on it?" She said, "Everyday". WHAT??? Upon searching the backpack, I've also learned there's a frog assignment due this week, as well as a few pages of homework that were "forgotten" at the school over the weekend.

While I was picking up said 4th grader, my 2nd grader decided to be sick when she was supposed to be writing spelling words... but was well enough to work ahead on her math SAT prep and she "printed out the grades for you too, mama." Nevermind that I don't know which section they belong to.

My youngest boy has made our living room Legoland AND as soon as I got home had to tell me detail by detail about all the pieces and their many inspector gadget uses. Sugar has just now been banned to the back porch for a tinkle time-out. And hubby needs to know if I dropped off the taxes at the accountants office while I was out.

I'm not kidding you even a little when I say that I just turned around - just now- and this was the scene...

"But I want hot cocoa... You said you didn't want to make cocoa right now so I'll make it myself. Where's all the stuff?"

and don't even think about mentioning that I still haven't painted the kitchen or used the pink appliance paint =)


  1. Polly, That posting is so funny true to life and I relate! Have a wonderful evening inspite of everything! I emailed you! Talk to you later! xo Rachel

  2. Polly, sounds like a busy household.
    So much funny stuff going on.

  3. Well Gosh Polly...that almost sounds like a typical day at my house...both do school at home but one goes to the brick and mortar for a few classes...always procrastinates until the last ALWAYS falls on us to pick up the pieces doesn't it??
    I like school at home muuuuch better~easier to keep track!

  4. Polly, I love this post!

    As an (ex) homeschool Mommy, there are lots of days like that, aren't there? You have such a great sense of humor. And the gift of patience, that God gave you.
    I have so enjoyed visiting your blog.
    xo Lidy

  5. Oh my! I'm in the same boat. I have 2 I homeschool, 2 infants, one in a special school for handicapped children and 4 others on the regular school.
    I'll tell you what, the only thing I am ever sure of is that my son in the handicapped school is looked after well.
    The rest of them...UGH! (including the ones home with me. LOL)

  6. I just love the old pictures you have on your blog. They are so lovely. And your pink stowe is cute too LOL.
    Hope you have a great day.
    Love Elzie

  7. Polly - even with all the confusion going on, you can still find the humor in it all. You are a gem and I am blessed to know you. When life throws you lemons, grab a bottle of tequila and call me over.


  8. This post describes our lives...and doing all the other chores around the house whhile helping the kiddies out...some days are exhausting!

  9. You are such a busy...and patient lady! Where do you get all your energy?

  10. I'm not laughing AT you Polly...I'm laughting WITH you :)

  11. Hilarious and the picture was perfect! Tomorrow is a new day with hopefully calmer beginnings! Have a great day!

  12. your blog ALWAYS makes me laugh and laughter is good for me...... busy household .. it seems... all I can say is enjoy ever mad moment... I look back on the mad weekends in my life and smile..... My boys are 42 and 38 and I would take some of those mad days back.....

  13. Oh Polly, I know I shouldn't be laughing but I can't help it. You have a lot going on but it sounds like fun. Linda

  14. You are so busy Polly. I hope you get a minute for yourself...Blessings

  15. Oh Polly,
    The joys of motherhood. Isn't it fantastic (really? I mean it...).

    Thanks for the laugh, I was tired when I started, now I'm exhausted just thinking about your day.


  16. Okay, I hate to laugh but I have lil' cupboard climbers in my house and I have SO been there! Come to think of it...I climb the cupboards too since I'm so short, LOL! I needed that giggle :)


  17. Fun life isn't it! Love the pink stove btw. Have a great day!

  18. The blonde teacher looks a little like Mitzi Gaynor. I don't think I ever had a teacher who was that sexy!

    Your life certainly isn't boring!


  19. Oh, I feel your pain about the 4th grader! Many of my sons things mysteriously disappear between his desk and our house!!! Ah the many joys of motherhood!


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