The Date is "Today"

My son's birthday is Valentines Day so typically Valentines is not about a special night out for Steve and I (well, that and we still have 3 younger children to get a sitter for, etc.). He turned 17 so our son took his sweetheart to dinner and a movie last night, despite the fact that I secretly still harbor strict feelings that this should be MY special day with him =) When he got home, Steve and I were just finishing "Becoming Jane" (delightful, by the way). He walked across the living room, handed us two giftcards and said, "So you two can go out tomorrow night - I'll watch the kids". Can you believe it?! ...And mom has tears. (later I'll have to tell you about how he danced with his girl in the falling snow...awwww!)

Today I'm working on getting some wonderful new stuff on the website! Here's a little sample (click photos to redirect if you want)...

I love these retro boxes!!

Lots of new (vintage) paperie items!

Old timey laundry pins holding scraps of fabric, just waiting for the next patch-up & repair job.

Some vintage hats.

And some old bathing beauties!

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to photograph & resize I go. Have a lovely Friday!! Blessings...


  1. How sweet!! Happy belated Valentine's Day blessings to you!

    kari & kijsa

  2. Sounds like your son got the romantic gene from his Momma! Thats so sweet!

  3. You've got a GRAND young man there my dear, well done Mom! Have fun with your gift cards!

  4. Hi Polly, what a thoughtfull son you have. Enjoy your evening out. Linda

  5. Oh I do hope you had a fabulous time! What a wonderful thing for your son to do!


  6. What a sweet thing to share. Hope you're having a good time tonight - yes, it's Friday. What a thoughtful son.

    Now, the dance in the snow???

  7. What a great son you have!! Sounds like you had a sweet V-day :)
    I love your slideshow!

  8. Hey........ too cute pictures as usual....... just wanted to let you know that we have finished the Tee shirt contest and now is time to vote..... so hope over to my Samaritan Women and click on my Sew The Word and VOTE.......

  9. Gosh what amazing photos and images you have on your site. I have enjoyed window shopping! Jennifer


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