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Snipet of Snow

Copy/Pasted right from the weather lab site:

A BLIZZARD WARNING is in effect until 12:00 tomorrow morning.
A FLOOD WARNING is in effect until 9:46 this evening

HUH? If anyone is looking for me, I'll be on the hunt for a good book and a cozy corner =)

I found a snipet of a snow story online:
The snow came early that year, surprising the last of the shiveringleaves, who clung desperately to their branches in the wind like frightened children to their mothers' hands in a crowd. A little girl about eight years old trudged slowly through the ankle-deep mess of slush and dying leaves, her boots leaving furrows that the ever-falling snow hurriedly filled in. She wore a long striped scarf whose tassels swung against her jean-clad knees, and matching striped mittens dangled from the sleeves of her coat. Her blonde curls, covered in snowflakes, escaped from beneath her striped hat. Her head was bowed, her eyes fixed on the ground in front of her. She seemed oblivious to the traffic that rushed by on the road to her right. Purposefully oblivious, too, to the man who walked several paces behindher. In a brown leather jacket and khaki slacks, he was not dressed for the weather, and he shivered as he walked. Slush slipped into his shoes and snow fell beneath the collar of his jacket, dusted his dark hair, and coated the lashes of his piercing blue eyes. He shoved his hands into his pockets angrily and lengthened his stride, apparently seeking to close the distance between himself and the little girl. (via Sophie @

That's all there was. I need to know... How shall we say it ends?


  1. Hmmm it looks like she wrote it 5 years ago but didn't finish it. At least not on that site. Bummer! Thanks for sharing the story anyway~ Have a great day!

  2. More snow here in North Idaho. It just ain't right.

  3. I love stories that paint a picture.. after reading that you could actually see these people... I do so enjoy a good book,,,,, curl and up a stay warm.. looks like you will have time to read.........

  4. And thank you for asking about Diane... she was going to be spending as much time as possible with Andrea in her room because once rehab starts she wont be able to .....




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