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It's a balancing act... That's the resounding reminder that I seem to be getting lately. Yesterday my teenage son told me that he'd been up late the night before on the telephone with a friend of his who is struggling with depression. Suddenly, I was my mother! I said something that I've heard her say a million times. "He needs to take his eyes off of himself."

And this morning it was that conversation that was staring me in the face as I tried to pull my post together. I told my son yesterday, "Many years ago someone helped me through a difficult time and what he said has stuck with me. He said, 'Practice random acts of kindness because it'll help take your focus off of your hurt'." Isn't it true? Isn't it unbelievably true that if we are concentrated on what might bring happiness to another person, we aren't thinking about ourselves?!

So today, as I sat in front of a blank monitor... "Lord, what do you want me to write?" "Polly, read my Word." "Lord, the Good Samaritan... We could make it a modern Samaritan story..." "Polly, read my Word." "Lord, I've googled 5 topics but haven't found something that feels right yet. What do you want me to write??" "Polly, read my Word." And so... I opened to the spot where my bookmark rests. The spot where I had left off - not yesterday or the day before because I've been very busy - but perhaps a couple days ago. "Martha welcomed Jesus into her house but she was distracted with much serving while her sister Mary, sat listening to Jesus..." (Luke 10:38-42)

Then I visited Julie's blog and there it was, staring me in the face... Take your eyes off of yourself...Turn your attention to Him. "Thank you, Father, for this gathering together that you've given me in these blog friends."

And so I have to ask... Today, will you be the one distracted with much serving or will you be listening?


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday and leaving a positive message. It was a blessing for you to remind me that everyone can have a bad day and write things that maybe sound worse than they were meant. You have such a beautiful, creative blog and your words touch my heart.

    But I had to giggle too when you mention your puppy who can't quite get the hang of going outdoors. My Maggie is 6 months old and has the same problem. She will make it a couple weeks without an accident and then get the paper towels! Someone told me that girls are harder to train than boys. That seems to be true in Maggie's case.

  2. I will have to work very hard at being the one listening...... I am a Martha.....and always have been.... I would so love to be a Mary....... maybe with much time on my hands now with this back trouble the Lord will teach me to be a Mary....... oh the lessons we learn the hard way....

    great post today... inspires thought... I like that...

  3. Polly, I was just over at Julie's and popped over here too! Many times when I feel that feeling of "what do I post?" I will share something more personal than my usual focus. When I feel God is stirring my heart in a different direction and I need to obey. Other times I feel that God wants me to shut down the computer and walk away. Yes, there is no post up today and someone will undoubtedly show up to nothing new! But when I keep my priorities, I know I am pleasing God over (wo)man. No post from me usually means focused on what God is intending for me that day and there was no room for blogging. Some days I can do it all, and some days my blog will have to wait. Blogging can't be the center of my life.
    Thanks for the precious reminder to be a Mary.

  4. Polly,
    I actually feel better knowing that someone else struggles the same way I do and that (not to put pressure on you) but if you get distracted from God than it's ok when I do as well. Just so long as we return to the path He has paved for us. You are a blessing to me each and every day.


  5. Hi Polly,

    What a perfect post Polly. Thank you for that beautiful reminder.


    P.S. - I've emailed it to you again - hope it comes through.

  6. Polly, that was a beautiful blog post. I can so relate! As I think most of us can.

    Today I'm listening. Life is good and I am happier than I have ever been. I will be happy to lend an ear to whomever needs a hug or just a word of inspiration.

    Here is a hug from me to you! xoxo

  7. Polly... What a beautiful post this is... I too just came from Julies... nice to have guardian angels who light the way when we need to find our way



  8. Polly, I adore your blog. I'm always lifted when I visit. Your journey with God encourages me in my walk. Thank you!

    Hugs and blessings,

  9. I too have to work on my listening skills. Good post. Thanks...Mary

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  11. Inspirational post Polly.
    Thanks Alison

  12. My life works out so much better when I listen. I love knowing that I am doing what I am suppose to be doing! He shows me with his blessings
    You in for a big snow? We are tomorrow night.

  13. yes..a balance..
    just because someone is depressed dosen't mean that they are being too self focused..but the best medicine for the soul is focusing on others! I think the good Lord uses things like sadness to humble us so He can use us. I'm so thankful for folks like you so at the times when we feel soo 'depressed' and sad...remind us to focus outward and not inward..the Bible says that 'We are groaning till the day of our redemption..' It's a natural tendancy for us.
    I have this book that is amazing! "Having a Mary heart in a Martha world"...Martha wasn't a bad lady for wanting things perfect..Her heart was good but just focused on the wrong things. Life is NOw...and actually Christ says for us 'To be of good cheer'
    and so...I am trying to listen so very hard tonight!
    Stay warm friend!

  14. Lovely post. To be like my heart. Not many understand her because she is so single focused in love, she has dove's eyes, and the multitudes are offended by her devotion.

    You are very blessed to have a son with such compassion for his friend. That he would stay up late on the phone just to be there for him. I am a mother of teens too, and this youth generation is very much in many of them are alone and hurting...fatherless and motherless...they need to be loved.

  15. That was lovely Polly. I'd like to be a Mary....

  16. Thank you Polly for that gentle reminder!

  17. What an inspirational post! We love to be reminded of our priorities! Thanks for blessing us with your post today!!

    kari & kijsa


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