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Brocante Tool Shed

I'm freshening up - - putting on some accessories - changing (but don't close the drapes just yet)... For a gal who changes the house around every couple of weeks, I'm loving that I can switch things up on the blog just by clicking buttons =) If only the sofa were so easy to move!

As you can see, we've got a new, ongoing, up to the moment, prayer list. Please feel free to add your own requests or for your friends, loved ones, etc. (they can be anonoymous if you choose). Just click on the photo to the left. The list is already growing so please take a moment to stop by and pray for one or two of the requests on the list.

I've been trying to organize all the posts into into a functional shed where "everything is in it's place". Again, I can't help but daydream... If only the dishes got to their respective cupboards the same way =)

I hope that you enjoy the Lovely Award sites as much as I do. Every week, I can't wait to go scouring about looking for these beautiful places! This week our receipient is French Garden House. Her home page alone is just stunning! You have to go see the Autumn scene.

Antiques & brocante items

AND a blog full of just the kind of projects we love! Be sure to clickty clack over and pay Lidy a visit.

It's here! It's here! Alison has put together such a lovely book for us. It's only $10 (usd) and you can download it TODAY!! I can't wait to start using her new A Very Brocante Christmas!! Oh, if I had half the imagination this gal has... Maybe she can come up with fix for those dishes...
(p.s. Don't hate me - I got a whole box of the new Victoria magazines yesterday! I'll make it up to you for being the nasty tease that I am... I accidentally bought the November Country Living this morning at the market and then remembered that I've already subscribed to it and, of course, the subscription copy arrived in the mail this afternoon. I'll give my extra copy of CL plus a new Victoria to the first request for them left in the comments)


  1. I know! I know! I was so excited when Alison finished the Christmas book - I promptly bought one and downloaded yesterday! So exciting.

  2. Uh oh Grace didn't ask for the magazines! Now why do you have a whole box of Victoria? I've heard it is really, really good.
    I've known Alison and Lidy for awhile now and I know why you are enthusiastic!!! You are right up there with them girlie...
    And I'm asking for them!
    (love your prayer list idea~you are so thoughtful and sweet)

  3. Polly, what an excellent idea for the prayer list. You are such a blessing:)

    That necklace you are wearing is just stunning!

    I have spent a ridiculous amount of time at Alison's site (Oooo I love it there). I have not downloaded the new book so I will hop on over and do just that.


  4. Ooh...lovely! I have both mags now!!! Someone needs to come out and ask for them!! LOL!

  5. I love this new look, Polly! Thanks for the head's up to Alison's blog.

    Stop by and pick up an award that I left for you!!


  6. Polly, your blog is looking lovely! I love the French Garden House too. Lidy does a wonderful job both with her website and blog.

    Yeah! You got your Victoria magazines!!

  7. Hi Polly,

    What a prayer warrior you are! I love the prayer list you have added and I will definately be visiting and praying.


  8. How did you get a whole box of Victoria?
    I haven't even gotten my issue yet!

  9. I'm still waiting for my Victoria...... a whole box you lucky lady. Love the necklace you are wearing.

  10. I am going to hurry and resubsribe to Victoria now that it's back....I have about 6 years of old back issues I've been reading and rereading!!!

  11. Ooh Polly!! A whole box of Victorias-is it good, are you pleased with the new look? I love the photo of you-you always just give us a tantalising glimpse of you, you must be shy!! I'm off to lokk at Brocante now!!xx

  12. I love your blog! You have so many interesting pictures for us to see and wonderful comments! Love the prayer list as well! :) So glad Julie led me here!

  13. You are such a thoughtful person adding a prayer list to your blog. I can't wait to see the new Victoria, I don't have my copy yet! boo hoo, maybe soon!! I just don't know how you find time to do all your blogging!! I love it though!
    have a wonderful day:-)


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