Famous or Infamous?

I received the most exciting phone call this morning! My friend, Jeanine, was on the other end of the line saying, "Your kitchen is in Romantic Homes Magazine!" Since I had no idea what she was talking about, I said very eloquently, "Huh?" We sell the magazine at the store and I had just gotten a new bundle yesterday, but hadn't even opened the package because I was going to take them right over to the store. Of course, while I was on the phone, I started tearing into the pack all tied with string and padded with bubble wrap. It was, I'm sure, a very lady-like way to open a package! Sure enough, my pink stove is on page 7.

I had sent an email to the editor last Winter just letting them know how much I had enjoyed a particular issue while I had a houseful of sick kids. I threw in a picture of the pink stove at the last second just because I thought they might all get a good laugh from the fact that I have an old enamel pink stove that I got from the garbage. And what'd ya know... they published it. I'm sure glad that I didn't tell them that I had to put a mouse trap in it one time!


  1. Ooh your stove is famous!!! I can't wait till my copy of R.Homes arrives!! I love your pink stove-wish it were mine (I know we shouldn't covet things but I am!!!)

  2. And I want...well, your wallpaper, your kitchen, your bedroom, your sitting room, the summerhouse... =) -Polly

  3. OK so it's your stove! As I was reading through my copy yesterday the stove caught my eye...when I read it was a garbage find I almost died, of excitememnt for you! Love the PINK!!!

  4. Polly: How cool, you're famous now! I'll have to go out and buy an issue. Thanks for visiting me, please come back anytime!!

  5. I love Romantic Home...having a hard time finding it though..If you check my sidebar and peek at "Elizabeth House"...you will enjoy her, she writes for RH...

    thanks for stopping by..would love to keep chatting!

  6. oh, p.s. the STOVE....I must own one!
    I don't have any pink in my kitchen, but might consider changing the scheme

  7. Oh How Fun! I just got mine copy in the mail today and I will go open it - hold on.........Very nice Polly!!

  8. I love your stove, it is to die for! That is a pink microwave on my blog, apparently you can get similar from JC Penney. I sent your parcel yesterday, hope you like everything!

  9. HOW EXCITING!!! That's like my dream come true! * to be in Romantic Homes and...well...to have a pink stove too! ;) *




  10. Polly, just love your pink stove! Hope you are having a great week. Best wishes,


  11. LOVE the stove! Lets see the rest of the kitchen! :>) (Now I have to go get a copy and really check it out. but your picture is beautiful)

  12. I would get an extra issue so that you can cut that little section out and mat and frame it then hang it right above the stove, (or set it in a little easel or something) how cute would that be... just don't let Ms. Pink get a big head about being the most famous stove on the block or she might stop wanting to COOK and stuff, and well... it all goes down hill from there... She'll start wanting her own jewelry and fashions, and start making you clean her hourly in case the Paparazzi show up, etc... hehe!

    Congratulations, thats just awesome!

  13. that is so cool. i love that stove. it almost makes ya want to cook. ha ha.
    jessi nagy


  14. OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink stove! SHow us more of your kitchen! I have a vintage red stove :) Rose

  15. You have a pink stove? You lucky girl. I've always wanted a pink stove. And I want one of those 40s style fridges in pink too! :) Congrats on the magazine publication. Now you're going to have an army of women from coast to coast coveting your stove! Better chain it to the wall. :)


  16. Thank you for your nice comments about my daughter's wedding over at cityfarmer. I've always envied all the stranger-friends that dish out such complimentary comments. It's like a sisterhood and starting today I'm aiming to join the ranks. It truly is a small small world, after-all. Julee

  17. Just found your blog, and then to see that wonderful pink stove that I saw in RH! Well, it's just too much!
    It's fabulous; I loved seeing the other pictures of your pretty kitchen too!

  18. Polly,
    When I saw the photo on your website...I instantly thought of the issue with the "pink stove"...I remember showing it to Josh and saying "look...I want that!" And I have often wondered if it was the same one...and look at that...I was right! ;)

  19. I saw it, too! How cool was that to be in RH? I love that magazine and love your stove!!!


  20. The kitchen in the magazine so cool Polly (:)
    WOW I am surprised they didn't ask you first???(:) hugs,Patty


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