Anthropologie 6/10/07

Ugh! After two hours of searching, I'm forced to admit that I have lost a full disk of pictures. AND just after I have told Alison at Brocante Home that I would post some pictures of my wonderful visits to Anthropologie.  AND now I look like the newbie to blogging that I am =(   AND Brocante Home is the one blog that I would not want to embarass myself in. I LOVE her blog.  Well, when I find them, I'll post them.  Here are a couple of intersting pics that I stumbled on...
This was taken a couple years ago at Woodfield Mall.

Window Shelves up near the ceiling in an old flower shop

Downtown Chicago


  1. Oh thank you Darling, you absolute angel!x

  2. I love the pictures you've posted - hope you find your other ones!!

  3. Anthropologie is the next best thing to vintage. I love that store! I get all my knobs there.



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