On Being Off The Grid

 Other than the super fun Nellies Barn Sale, we have been somewhat off the grid.

 So what fills our days if we aren't doing sales? 
 A little of this.
He brings a smile to my whole life.  Seriously, it comes from somewhere deep and washes over me.  Not to be confused with exhaustion, which also washes over me.  

A little vintage wedding planning.
3 months and counting.  We have a whole room dedicated to wedding stuff.  We have HUGE plans and a small budget so we are creating and painting and spending lots of time on Pinterest.  Hmm... not so different than doing the shows after all. 
A little (very little) fluffing of the house.
Funny how the house isn't getting any cleaner.  Mr. Blessing has been very diligently cleaning the basement so that our oldest can come home for these last few months before the wedding.  Other than that, not clean.

Perhaps on the face of it, what with the business of life replacing the business of money, it may not seem like it but parts of me are healing.   When I overhear my 10 year old saying to his sister, "I love that story in the Bible where it says..."  When my daughter runs to whisper something in my ear.  When my 15 year old sings lullabies to the baby.  When my son and his almost new wife have dinner with us.  And when I get to kiss a baby's palm.  There's healing in those moments.


  1. oh beautiful everything Polly..
    are you a grandma now?

  2. oh I looked back and remember now your post
    about the two children you took under your wing
    so good of you(:)

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  4. I am just back from vacation and wanted to play catch up here. I read several of your posts. Sometimes it is so good to be "off the grid". I have done that at times in my life and been renewed and refreshed because of it. Blessings to you as you seek your new level of life...and happy wedding preparations- xo Diana

  5. beautiful...
    love that bed...

    and the baby. =)


  6. Let me try this again, I guess I am finger happy this morning. I love the barn sale and that bed I so wish mine would look like that. Yes, I agree that he is a cutie pie.
    I also have a wedding, my niece has decided two weeks ago that Oct. 18th is her date - Say What is that you say.
    We meet tonight to decide what she wants, Aunt Sissy (me) will be in charge of the flowers and decorating. The wonderful thing about it is she loves rustic and simple. Great post. Have a nice day and Enjoy, Kathy

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