Hypoallergenic Laundry Day

I love homemade anything.  I'll pick homemade over store bought nearly every time.  But I'm cautious when it comes to things that my kids might be allergic to. My children are practically allergic to themselves.  Over the years we have discovered what laundry detergent works at our house so that no one ends up with hives. Believe me, it was an arduous process that repeated after each new baby. 

 I've always loved the idea of making our own laundry soap but the thought of going through the allergy patrol has nixed the project every time.  But, being the risk-taker that I am (ha!), I decided to make a batch last week, do one load and see if we had (1) hives and (2) clean clothes.  I can now confidently report that this recipe (minus the fragrance and using only one bar of Fels-Naptha) met both criteria!  One batch made 8 large mason jars and each jar holds appx 30 loads! And they look pretty on the shelf.  The cost?  Just under $12.  And no hives!!

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  1. Good for you hon. I have all the stuff to make homemade liquid laundry detergent but haven't done
    it yet, it is the Duggar family recipe. One of these days I will get to it.
    I think home made anything has to be better, so glad your new soap caused no problems for anyone.
    and they do look pretty on the shelf, and it should be quite a while before you have to remake it. Which is a great problem to have.

    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Wow! You get the "pat on the back" for the day... How totally original...you are one creative lady. Blessing for the Day!

  3. This is great! I received a package of organic laundry soap for Christmas from a dear friend and have not used it yet.... I cannot wait now!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe with us and the mason jars are absolutely darling! I am a HUGE fan of mason jars.

  4. Hi Polly! Yes ma'am it's the same one that I've used for the past 4 years based on the old Duggar recipe. LOVE it! Miss you! xo

    1. Goodness, I miss you too, Kim. We should get all the girls together!

  5. I have wanted to make my own for a long time, but just haven't! I do love how it looks in your jars, and love the handmade and pure thing even more!! Thank you for the inspiration! Maybe I'll actually do this!!

    Thanks for sharing at Blissful Whites Wednesday!

  6. Hi Polly,
    I've been making my own powder laundry soap for a few years. I don't use oxyclean in mine and the laundry somes out great! No fragrance either.
    Glad that you found one that works for your family.

  7. Don't you just love it? I have been making my own version for a couple of years and now am the main supplier for all my kids...lol....nothing like it on the market, is there? Glad you are hiveless~ xo Diana

  8. I make my own laundry detergent as well and love using it. The cost is wonderful and I know what's in it. Yours looks beautiful in your great old mason jars.

  9. Thank you for sharing this Polly! I am the one with skin issues in this house.Nothing has really worked yet.I will give this a try!

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