A couple weeks ago I got this exceedingly ME style farm table.  It was one of the tables used in the cafe area at the Hens Holiday Market.  You can't tell it from this photo but the table is rounded on the ends.  So cool!  Anyhow, I've been searching for the perfect chair to sit at my project table (yes, I'm really trying to move all the clutter from the dinning room table to an actual project area).  Since we are putting our pennies toward Christmas gifts right now, I haven't been able to hit the resale shops but I remembered a chair that's been waiting for a make-over.

It's about as tattered as they come!

But I kinda love it for that very same reason.

It wasn't even until I took these pictures that I noticed it has little buttons sewed to the side.  I can't imagine why someone would put them there.  Maybe it was some sweet ol' lady's sewing spot.  Where all her homespun creations came to life.

My first project at the new project table is this throw.  Each crochet piece has to be hand stitched on.  
At least I won't feel bad sticking the sewing needle in the arm of the chair when I take a rest!


  1. It's all so beautiful! Love it...


  2. How beautiful that chair will be when you are finished. My project table is still my dining room table. My daughter and her husband are staying in my project room right now! But so happy for you. Di

  3. I love the fluffy looking ball thingies coming out of the basket. What are they, and did you make them? I have a scrappy vintage garland tutorial and giveaway that look a lot like them. Come by and say hi. Blessings, Cindy

  4. Just wanted to stop by and say "HI" and see what you have been creating!
    Loving the look and crochet pieces call to me!

  5. The chair looks well-loved and has a past. Wonder what conversations its heard over the years? Beautiful next to the table.

  6. All of these textures . . . makes my heart skip a beat!



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