Fifi's Guest House

 We always love it when a customer or friend sends us pictures of how they are using one of our items!  So I was delighted to get some pictures from Fifi this week showing the paper garland in her guest house. 

 First of all, I'd be over the moon if I HAD a guest house but wouldn't you just swoon if you could have one that looks like this?!
Those darling pillows are part of a new line that she will have available soon called Prairie Pretties.

(photos via Mark Lohman)
I may not have a guest house but I'm in the process of getting my "main" house back in order.  You wouldn't believe the chaos we create from one sale to the next, not to mention all the homeschool stuff.  Once we are beyond the next month, I get to be a homebody again.  I can't wait to show you some of the new ideas for our old rooms!  But first, it's holiday barn sale time!!


  1. Your paper garland is so pretty, I`m still dreaming!!

    Hugs Helle

  2. LOVE the texture the paper garland creates! I have one in my studio and one that goes across my headboard and love it!!!


  3. What a place to put guests!!! I'd never want to leave. (visiting from Vintage Inspiration Friday.)

  4. That is so neat that Fifi had your garland on her blog and in her guest house. She is such a talented inspirational lady , to be connected with her in any way is so exciting ! Congrats !

  5. Wowee! Love that gorgeous garland and Fifi's guest house is absolutely dreamy! I've just discovered you via VIF and I am now following, of course!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  6. Completely Understand..
    Love the paper fringe trim SO SO Cute.. Great Inspiration I must say.
    Thanks for Sharing Karryann

  7. Love the garland! Wish I had a guesthouse. Carla

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  9. I am in love...! What a gorgeous space...
    N :)

  10. It looks so pretty in that room, I love it! t. xoxo

  11. Beautiful use of the garland. How great it would be to have a guest house... I would trot over there when hubby snores. Ha!

  12. These pic's are so beautiful, love the vintage white so calming

  13. congratulations! the garland looks fabulous.

    just a reminder i have a shabby chic giveaway, and 3 of you will win Rachel's new book:



  14. That's wonderful to have your garland in Fifi's home! It is fabulous!

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