French Inspiration

 The hardest part about getting ready for a big farm sale AND a big event at the house is trying to decide what stays at the house and what goes to the sale!

 I made this card wheel with the intentions that it would be inventoried and tagged for Na-Da but it looks so french-ish sitting on my dinning room buffet/dresser.  

The other hard part is wanting the outdoor living areas to be just as "spruced up" as the indoor areas and we have had a late start to Spring here in the Chicago area.  Last week we still had freeze warnings but all of a sudden yesterday it was 90 degrees! 
Many of you know that I'm not a famed gardener.  Neighbor Bob is my tutor. I'm such a beginner! 

But I want my kids to grow up with an appreciation for sowing, watering and eating the food that God has grown for us.  So this year Neighbor Bob and my 10 year old daughter are planting together.
 Though I adore our historic farmhouse, all the farm land it used to sit on was sold in pieces over the years.  We don't have a backyard to speak of and the front yard is pretty tiny.  But God has given us such beautiful neighbors!   Our pool sits in Neighbor Bob's yard.  Our garden is actually a section of his garden.   Our raspberries grow on his raspberry bush.  Our grapes grow on his vines.  
 So if the house isn't perfect and all the pretty creations go to the sale, life at Blessing Farmhouse is beautiful regardless of my attempts at sprucing up.  We are blessed to share an old fashioned summer and a stone garden-path!


  1. Love all your wonderful pics!

    barbara jean

  2. You sure have precious neighbors. Can't wait to meet you at NaDa Farm!

  3. Can't wait to enjoy all of your creations in person this very time next week!!!


  4. You are truly blessed to have such generous neighbors!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. So glad someone else has the problem of what to sell -what to keep :)..I just re-decoated in the house & had to go "rob" several pieces from the shop to do it!:)

  6. You are blessed! Love that card wheel! Hopefully I'll see you at Na-da. Happy gardening.


  7. Just found your beautiful blog and I'm so enjoying browsing! Simply lovely.

  8. So great to have neighbours like that! I'm lucky to have a big garden with place for a lawn, pool and vegetables but it gives me a lot of work to do as well. Wish you a happy event at Nada farm /Therese


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