Heart Photography

I saw a photo like this on Etsy yesterday titled "love story".  I thought I'd try my own arrangement using an old Bible.  This is my original photo above.

In this photo I lightened the shadows and increased the contrast.

  This one has the gritty effect from picnik.  I haven't quite mastered it in photoshop and it's so much easier to just use picnik.

 And this one has increased saturation on top of the gritty effect.

I heart playing with my camera and all the different effects in photoshop.  In fact, I love it so much that I've actually started laying claim to some of my photos.  You may have noticed that I can't seem to setttle on a "signature".  Sometimes they're signed "Counting Your Blessings".  Sometimes "Blessing Farmhouse" and sometimes they are even signed with my tag line "Romantic Farmstyle".  It seems kinda conceited to sign them with my name but I know that lots of people do that too.  HOW can such a small thing occupy so much of my confused thoughts?!  There really should be a book of names for things like this.  You know, like those baby name books!  I wasn't able to find one of those books so I thought perhaps you would help sway my decision...  Plllleeease!  You can enter your own idea or select from one of mine...   


  1. As much as I love the first two I think Polly Hood Photography is the best.Only because you know how some people can be, Not everyone is blessed with God. I could go on forever about this subject but we are on a public bolg so I shall end it there. have a blessed weekend.


  2. OH and I forgot to say i remember doing that at school back in the day when we liked a guy...and we wanted to tell a friend in the sit across the class room...LOL


  3. I luv this photo. Thank You for sharing it.....Julian

  4. Polly, what a sweet photo...You should mark them...they are great!I like Blessing Farmhouse photography.


  5. So beautiful <3 I like those!

  6. What a cute idea and I love your photos!

    Hope you don't mind if I use it as a Valentine background on my computer!

  7. I love this photo...it's beautiful and it speaks to me!!!
    Have you tried applying textures in the picasa (free) program...I use it all the time...you're just making a mosaic with it...
    I have a little tut on it if you'd like to try it!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  8. Oh, wow those photos are great. I used to have Picasa on my computer until we got hit with a really bad virus. After that, my father made me delete it...but I'm thinking Photoshop would be a great program to buy someday. all the variants of that heart photo are great :) :) The gritty one was especially interesting, because it had the most vintage look for me. I'm obsessed with vintage at the moment ) :) :) I'll have to try that, too!!! Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  9. I love coming for visits to your blog, and your artwork and the photos? WOW WEE!!! Love them!!!!

  10. Those book hearts are so neat.

    I like the first signature, but of course I am partial to blessings!
    Plus it never hurts to be a blessing
    and having a name like can only stir up a few of 'em.

    God Bless to you!,

  11. Very nice photo...I just love pictures of books!



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