A Revived Tradition

When my oldest son was little, he and I used to make an annual trip to our local Christmas store so that he could pick out a new ornament. It was one of the few splurges for us back then.
My boy grew up and our annual trip isn't as exciting for him anymore so it's been a few years since I have been to the Christmas shop. In fact, I kinda forgot about how cute it is with all the storefronts and a cobblestone "street".

My youngest kids and I decided to drop by for a visit yesterday while their older brothers were busy doing older brother stuff. Well, I should say that I decided we were stopping by for a visit. They were entirely un-trilled about the idea.

Until they walked in the front door! They loved walking from room to room guessing what the theme of each tree was. It was fun watching their excitment!

The annual trip is revived!


  1. There is something so
    magical about Christmas
    stores ~
    That one looks wonderful!


  2. Awww how sweet... It's all about the memories that we create for our children, especially this time of year. Wishing you many...

  3. What a sweet tradition! I know I remember the times spent with my family around the holdays(not the toys I got). Beautiful! I REALLY LOVE your blog!!!

  4. Oh, so beautiful! And now I need to go read about Puddles!!! How adorable!!!

  5. How sweet! I miss doing those things with my children! But growing up is a part of life!

  6. Decorating the tree is one of my most favorite things of the entire year - I have a memory of when/where I purchased each ornament. My mother started this tradition with us when we were very young and I realize now that I need to start this with my own monkeys now as well. Glad I found your blog today! -diane

  7. There is nothing like family tradition the years can go and get away from us so quickly. I'm getting excited about christmas more and more again seeing it thought my 4 year old grandson's eyes. He's soooo excited. We're putting up the christmas tree tomorrow night and we'll have something fun to snack around on.


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