Autumn's Changing Art

This year my Fall & holiday projects have been a little different. It started in the Spring when I was invited to be a vendor at the Na-Da Farms Barn Sale this October. It's the first ever story-based occasional sale about a young woman who ventures off her aunt's estate to create her own cottage. How inspiring is that?!!
I have been so excited to be part of this amazing event that I've been thinking about Fall ever since the Spring. I'm having a ball creating things and taking pictures of them. (You know how I love to play with the camera and new lenses!) I think that's part of what has been different in my Autumn inspired art- loving photography even more... really wanting to capture an item or an event. Taking pictures has become part of my art.

These are one of the most deliciously scented items to make. I wish I could capture the smell with a camera. I call them "starter cones" though I'm sure one of you could come up with a much more eloquent/chic name *smiles*. They are literally pretty little fire starter logs that smell like pumpkin or manderine or vanilla... and they burn for about an hour.

I find myself taking pictures of everything, everywhere (even a crate of pumpkins). I don't know what has been more fulfilling to me - creating or photographing. I don't pretend that I'm especially good at either but taking pictures is another avenue of creating for me and I'm having more fun than ever exploring it. I love that God gives us new ways to be artistic.
Infinite Arrangements of Joy!

Autumn and the art it inspires is a reminder of the artist that God is. He created the earth and all that's in it. He made the colors of the rainbow. He hung the stars. He decorates (Jesus said that He is preparing a place for us). Let's celebrate Him as we watch His living art!

Click the photo to join the others at French Cupboard who are showing their Autumn Art.


  1. I really enjoyed all the photos...always very nice. I had to laugh when you said you like taking photos of everything. Me, too :) :) :) That's good...because then you are sure to get the photo you always want :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Hello, I've been following your blog for a little while now... but haven't commented much. I confess, I'm not sure - but is that a picture of you (the first one on this post)?

    I love the navy blue pants!! Where/Who did you get them from??
    I have to know...

  3. Hi Bevy. Thank you. This batch of pantaloons are going to the barn sale but I'll have some listed on my website soon. Blessings... Polly

  4. Great photos! I enjoy doing the same... just finding simple things to capture through my lens. Carla

  5. Me again... so,do you personally make them or do you buy them from someone else and resale? Pardon my questions... just curious.

    Also, what is your charge per pair?

  6. I just came across your blog and love it! I have been hopping all around and your pictures are very inspiring and awesome! Love the Attic studio and the old mannequins. Just wanted to let you know how awesome your blogspot is, I am grabbing your button!

  7. ...soooooo lovely!! Adore the bin of white pumpkins ~ and the linen ruffle bottom pants!!
    xo, Rosemary

  8. I find the fire starters interesting. Can you share on how to make them??
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. LOVE your blog and your take on lovely. I have given you a blog award. Please forgive me if you don't participate in these. Here is the direct link.
    Have a klovely evening!



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